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Tensor Revo HA

The Tensor Revo HA offers high speed, high torque tightening in a safe and efficient hand held package.

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Tensor Revo HA is the most productive high torque bolting tool on the market. With tightening speed more than 3x faster than competitors, it enables huge time savings in operation.


The Tensor Revo HA is designed with safety in mind. The two handed safety trigger ensures that finger pinch points are eliminated, thus solving a common industry problem.


Integrated torque and angle transducers, combined with multiple tightening strategies, such as Torque, angle, time, mean that your process can be controlled and mistakes can be eliminated. All tightening data is captured and saved automatically for full traceability.

The worlds most productive bolting system

The Tensor Revo HA is the most productive high torque nutrunner available on the market. With tightening speeds more than three times faster than it's nearest competitor,  significant times savings can be achieved in the bolting process. With integrated torque and angle transducers and the advanced functionality of the Power Focus 6000 controller, the Tensor Revo HA secures the correct process is done right first time and that all data is stored for full traceability.

Over £4000 saved per wind turbine

A world leading Wind Energy company wanted a quicker process and reduce the use of multiple operators when tightening flange from the wind rotor to the nacelle. Their current method utilized a torque wrench, and it simply wasn't efficient enough to complete the task at the speed they required.

Atlas Copco were able to identify and suggest to use the Revo HA 6500 and Revo HA 8000 along with a Power Focus 6000 controller. The method was already being used by other companies, so the team at Atlas knew it would suit the application.

Using a Revo HA solved multiple issues wit their setup. They no longer had to use multiple hydraulic tools high up in the tower, as well as reducing man hours to complete the connection. They were also now able to collect data from the tightening's, and complete 10% checks using the Revo.

Most importantly it reduced possible pinch point injuries with the increased safety using this method. Overall the company reduced the job time from 8 to 4 hours in total, while reducing the noise of the job in the process. Per turbine the company would save £4100 per turbine in crane and crew time. Per 50 turbines, this would ensure a £205,000 saving, which encouraged them to roll it out to several of their projects.

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