Integrated utility compressor on road signalisation vehicles

When F.L. Gaspar in Portugal was looking for a new air compressor to replace the XAS 47 that was integrated on their road signalisation vehicles; they returned to Atlas Copco.

F.L. Gaspar's wishlist for the integrated compressor on their road signalisation vehicle

utility compressor on road signalisation truck

The only compressor that can be integrated on a road signalisation truck: small, light and performing!

A small footprint

The space available for the compressor is limited.

Low weight

As these vehicles drive 20.000 km's per year, weight has a considerable impact on total cost of ownership.


Despite the small footprint, they wanted to increase pressure and flow.


footprint reduction


Weight reduction


Increased pressure (bar)

The utility compressor is the perfect for for integration on utility vehicles

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utility compressor, road signalisation vehicle, utility truck

Compact yet high output

Atlas Copco's utility truck is a perfect fit on F.L. Gaspar's road signalisation truck.

Integrated utility compressor on road signalisation vehicles

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