Atlas Copco Rental BlastAir provides air for subsea application

31 Януари 2020

When a subsea installation required inspection, repairs, and maintenance, Atlas Copco Rental in Scotland had the right tools for the job. Let’s dive deeper into this customer story!

Our client, Rever Offshore, offers a range of fully integrated subsea construction and offshore management services. Inspection, repair, and maintenance are a fundamental cornerstone of their day-to-day operation. The company has access to the right assets to execute projects and deliver a broad range of subsea solutions.

Atlas Copco Rental started working with Rever in 2009 (then Bibby Offshore LTD). A decade later, we still work together closely on a regular basis.

The right tools for the subsea job.

We are the go-to partner for feed air on Rever Offshore vessels to power a variety of equipment, including winches, hose spoolers, and subsea airbags. We also provide gritting and water jetting spreads to allow cleaning and inspection on a range of subsea infrastructure. A complete solution every time. From the main equipment to the smaller accessories.

With its maximum flow rate and minimum footprint, which is key in applications where deck space comes at a premium, our XRVS compressor is literally the hub of the spread. It provides air and power to not only our own equipment but other 3rd party equipment, via a manifold. The compressors are dual pressure, providing high pressure from 16 to 24 bar and low pressure from 4 to 10 bar simultaneously.

A second, vital piece of equipment is the BlastAir.

The subsea cleaning system can be operated by divers or by remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The nozzle pressure ranges from 1.5 to 5.2 bar (25 – 75 psi), making it quiet, safe and easy to operate in subsea conditions. The nozzle control enables easy removal of corrosion, marine growth, and paint. The matte, non-reflective finished exceeds SA 2.5 standards, and it is also compliant with DNV 2.7-1 and ATEX.

See BlastAir in action!

Another job completed successfully! On to the next decade with Rever Offshore!

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