Delivering the tools and know-how needed to safely open new gasoline-storage facilities

18 Юни 2020


When a company that builds and manages gasoline-storage facilities in Mexico, needed help ensuring the safety of its newly constructed facilities in a cost-effective manner, our team in Mexico came through with an effective solution that saved time and money. When the customer’s new gas-storage facilities needed pre-commissioning in the past, the midstream oil and gas firm used cryogenic nitrogen tanker trucks from various vendors to inert and leak test its newly built tanks and pipelines. However, this process proved expensive and often ineffective, because when a leak did present, all the nitrogen introduced into the system was released. Meanwhile, before they could move forward at the site, the company would have to hire and wait for a new nitrogen truck to arrive, leading to added logistical expenses and costly project delays.

A powerful partnership

While visiting a state-owned petroleum plant where Atlas Copco Specialty Rental Mexico was providing nitrogen generators, one of our customer’s engineers discovered the benefits of on-site nitrogen generation and realized that it could be harnessed to make the pre-commissioning new builds more efficient. He called Atlas Copco Rental to see how we could help.

Our team arranged for a group of their decision-makers to visit an Atlas Copco Rental facility in Monterrey, where they could view and test our compressors and nitrogen generators. After a simple capability’s demonstration, they were convinced that on-site nitrogen generation would not only be a cheaper and more effective solution for their new tank farms, but also a safer alternative. With a single solution and just one equipment delivery, they could produce all the nitrogen they needed without having to worry about tank volumes or delivery times.

In an initial test run to evaluate the feasibility of on-site nitrogen generation for pre-commissioning new-build facility, they arranged for a one-month Atlas Copco equipment rental that included a PNS 1250 air compressor and an NGM1100 nitrogen generator. Subsequently, the customer extended the rental for an additional two months as the project advanced. Moving forward, the customer plans to eliminate the use of cryogenic nitrogen in its future pre-commissioning projects, opting to go the more efficient on-site nitrogen generation route instead.

When they needed reliable equipment and experience-driven expertise to tackle a critical, safety-related issue, we delivered a solution that cut their costs and prevented facility downtime.

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