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Industriværktøj og systemløsninger
Brancher, der anvender vores løsninger
Power Technique
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Power Technique

Great ideas accelerate innovation. At Atlas Copco Power Technique we turn industrial ideas into leading edge technology in air, power and flow solutions. Our passionate employees, expertise and service provide sustainable value to the construction, infrastructure and mining industries.

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The Nordic team

The team at Power Technique Nordic are happy to help and love to hear from you.


Get to know our energy storage systems

Find out more about how you can get extra electricity when needed. ZenergiZe acts as an extra energy storage and it does not emit CO2, is quiet and flexible and is powered via renewable energy or connected directly to the grid. The system works both as a stand-alone unit but also in hybrid mode.

Power Connect

Product and Parts Manuals

Find manuals and documents for our products by Power Connect. Ad the serial number in the online version, or download the app and scan the QR code on your machine.

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Leading products for your needs

The Story of the Yellow Machines

Around in the Nordic landscape can often yellow dots be seen, these are the mobile machines from Atlas Copco. Whether it is the construction of a new residential area or motorway, geodrilling for heat or water, mining, quarrying or energy storage, our yellow equipment helps contractors around the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Atlas Copco was started as early as 1873 in Stockholm and has since then continuously focused on innovation. Over the years, the number of yellow machines has increased and covers many different areas of use. The development takes place based on customer insights and our latest technical news, to meet the contractors' different needs in the applications.

Atlas Copco's mobile air, flow and power solutions stand out, not only in terms of its distinct yellow color but also in terms of productivity, trust, innovation, commitment and quality.

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What is Energy Storage System?

An exciting news is our ZenergiZe systems that are used to save energy, which later on can be released when needed.

Pump Sizing Calculator

Calculate quickly and easily the correct size of the pump.

E-Air contributes to the project's sustainability

The city of Varberg is changing and when the industrial port is moved, the contractor Svenska dmixab is stabilizing the ground in a sustainable way with the help of the electric driven compressor E-Air H250 VSD as well as a slag product from cement production.

El vs Diesel - Calculator

Which fuel for the compressor is the most cost effective? Get the answer here!

Stage V image_800x600px
Stage V Guide

What applies to the Stage V emission requirements and how have we adapted our range?