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Atlas Copco Power Technique Denmark

For any portable compressors, generators, construction tools and excavator attachments in the first instance we'll ask your local sales representative to give you a call.

Jorgen Tryggvesson
Product Engineer

Jörgen Tryggvesson

Morten Krogsgaard
Sales Manager

Morten Krogsgaard

Kent Aidesjö
Product specialist - Compressors

Kent Aidesjö

Jorgen Berglund
Product Manager - Generators and Light towers

Jörgen Berglund

Peter Olausson
Product Manager - Pumps & Construction tools

Peter Olausson

Management team

Atlas Copco's head office in Stockholm is home to our Customer Centre, administrative functions, as well as local logistics and workshop facilities.

General Manager

Peter Bengtsson

Marketing Communications Manager

Linda Ekwall

Business control

Josephine Samuelson

Process and Customer Support Manager

Sofie Sörelind

Human Resources Manager

Helena Söderlund

Business Line Manager Service

Krister Gröbacher

Fredrik Alund
Business Line Manager Portable Energy

Fredrik Ålund

Antti Nisonen
Business Line Manager Portable Energy

Antti Nisonen