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ToolsNet Rework: Gain control of your repair or rework processes

Discover how error-proofing and process control of your rework can reduce tightening related recalls to zero.

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ToolsNet Rework: Close process control combining production data with error proofing

ToolsNet Rework, as a module of the SQS3 error-proofing software helps to achieve zero defects in rework or repair processes improving productivity and trust of your customers. ToolsNet Rework drives - product quality - process reliability and - transparency. Inject ToolsNet Rework into your assembly process at critical junctions, e.g. at the end of an assembly line or prior to inserting a product’s core into its housing or casing. When a product reaches the ToolsNet Rework checkpoint, ToolsNet sends all torque data pertaining to the product’s ID and analyzes the data for assembly errors. In case of any error, ToolsNet Rework automatically starts the repair process, enables the tools and tightening parameters required for the job, and provides visual instructions to the operator repairing the product. All fastenings done during the repair process are tracked and stored in ToolsNet ensuring traceability to the entire product build process including product repair.

Full controll of repair or rework process

Combining ToolsNet 8 with ToolsNet Rework:
You get clear insight and overview from the collection and analysis of production data resulting in better product quality and less production downtime. When it comes to rework or repair you get full transparency on all repair steps to be done, guiding the operator and storing all repair data in ToolsNet for a complete process documentation.

The functions of ToolsNet Rework

- Clear target-actual analysis of OK/NOK result data: Where are the faults? What was done correctly? Which tightening steps are missing?
- User access control: Operator identification and authorization
- Visual operator guidance: full step-by-step graphical instructions ensure all repair steps are done right using the correct tool and tooling parameters
- Consolidated data collection: Synchronization of all repair actions and data for full traceability

The benefits of ToolsNet Rework

- Full process control and transparency: Traceability of every tightening step and result by full data collection of rework data
- Zero tightening defects: Only faultless products leave the line segments
- Increased product quality and fewer warranty field claims
- Easy and riskless installation
- The rework station has no impact on the regular production process; no change to production equipment or process flow
- Independent from any process control system used on the shop floor

Gain control of your rework and repair processes!

Discover how to get control and traceability of rework and repair in assembly processes to bring error proofing of assembly on a higher level.
Getting tightening data from the assembly line, ToolsNet Rework evaluates tightening results and points out defects or missing steps of a product. The software guides operators through the repair or rework process and centrally stores the data.
ToolsNet Rework integrates seamlessly into existing production environments. No changes to processes or production equipment are required for easy and riskless implementation in the process. Even with a manual click wrench the rework task can be fulfilled.

Discover how to control rework and repair!


How to reduce downtime and rework by error proofing your assembly process

Learn how to control your assembly process to reduce downtime and high rework rates.
Atlas Copco’s error proofing software “Scalable Quality Solution 3” guides your workers visually step-by-step through the right sequence. Ensure traceability and detect risky deviations storing centrally all process results and improve your product quality with a zero-defect strategy.

Discover how to reduce downtime and rework!


Five reasons to invest in SQS ToolsNet Rework:

Zero defects

Secure the quality of products before they leave the facility

Process quality

Improve rework accuracy and reduce operators‘ training time


Improve the repair process without changes to assembly processes

Rework data

Close the gap in rework data collection

Cost effective

Easy and fast implementation with a low up-front investment

What are the next steps?
Many manufacturers are already seeing the benefits of mistake-proofing by using software in their processes – reduced production downtime, savings in rework, repair and recall costs, protection of brand reputation and more.
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