Sockets and Bits

Suited for all types of power tools

With sockets available in ROTACTION, longlife, and other technologies, Atlas Copco has it all. Our sockets are durable, ideal for all types of power tools, fixtured stations, and robotic systems. Read more

Safe, high-quality sockets with a longer lifetime

Atlas Copco sockets are designed to optimize assembly operations and increase plant productivity. Longlife sockets are made from longlife material and allow for a 3-10x longer lifetime, depending on the application. ROTACTION sockets improve operator safety, minimize the risk of product damage, and have a high resistance to abrasion. For your socket needs, you’re covered with Atlas Copco!

Reduce spare part expenses during production

Bit holders from Atlas Copco are combined with various popular male output drive bits, including inhex screws, Torx® screws, XZN screws, and tons more. Cut spare part expenses by choosing a bit holder/bit combination that satisfies exactly what you need and forget the rest!

Improved accessibility and durability

Enabling increased mobility during production, Atlas Copco’s nut setters make tightening nuts and bolts a dream, even in cramped, difficult-to-reach tightening positions. Our nut setters with various magnet types prevent screws from unwanted release. ROTACTION nut setters come with freely rotating protection sleeves for increased safety and durability.

Reduce your production set-up time

Socket and bit adapters from Atlas Copco allow for simple, quick bit changes, whenever you need them. Quick change adapters, both the standard and ROTACTION version, enable fast socket changes for high production environments, without the need for external tools to remove the socket. This ease allows for a reduction in downtime and a major boost in operator satisfaction.

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