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SRB - one handed with error proofed action

Experience low reaction cordless one-handed operations – in an error-proofed production.

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Slim design

slim design low reaction tools

Feature and benefits
▪ Light tool with slim from part

▪ Easy access to cramped areas
▪ Easy to engage the screw

Get better operator ergonomics

ErgoPulse PTI pulse tool

Feature and benefits
▪ Heat management and comfortable grip
▪ Well balanced on the grip
▪ Ergonomically designed handle

▪ Less operator fatigue
▪ Less cost spent on operator injuries and sick absences
▪ Better operator experience

Increase your productivity

ErgoPulse PTI pulse tool

Feature and benefits
ActiDrive is able to boost the power allowing the motor to reach high speed and maximize the production

With an even faster, battery tool you can reduce the time per production unit and get a higher productivity:
▪ Increased number of product produced
▪ Lowered cost per unit produced
▪ Effective utilization of available resources

Maximize your production uptime

ErgoPulse PTI pulse tool

Feature and benefits
▪ Improved radio coverage with the dual antenna system
▪ Buffer battery
▪ USB port for PC connection
▪ RBU card

▪ Dual Antenna: less risk of influence by operators or obstacles in the production line
▪ Buffer Battery: guarantee to not lose any communication during the battery replacement.
▪ USB Port: Simple way to set up your wireless parameters.
▪ RBU Card: complete back up of the tools parameter making easy the process to replace the tool, just inserting the SD card to the new tool.

Get total flexibility

ErgoPulse PTI pulse tool

Feature and benefits
The battery technology gives flexibility in production with easier operations and station set-up

▪ Accessibility to the joint
▪ Easy operation rebalancing
▪ Choose between a number of tightening or weight -18v or 36v battery - without compromise the performance of speed or torque

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