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Industrial equipment and machinery hire in Melbourne

Who We Are

Atlas Copco Rental are a division of Atlas Copco focussed on the hire and rental of industrial equipment and machinery.

We are rental specialists, providing reliable Atlas Copco equipment, in-depth knowledge and technical expertise to industrial projects across Australia. Our fleet includes air compressors, power generators, nitrogen generators and steam generators.

We have 6 major branches across Australia, each located in a key industrial area and backed by Atlas Copco’s trusted logistical network. We have been operating in Australia since 1995, serving the industrial sector for two decades and contributing our product knowledge and equipment to many key projects across our lifetime.

Read more about the projects we’ve worked on.

What We Do

We provide reliable and efficient Atlas Copco machinery on a short or long-term hire basis. Specialising in temporary air, power or nitrogen solutions we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have branches located across Australia and are able to deliver equipment to almost any location. Delivery to very remote areas is no problem. In the event that your site suffers an emergency, breakdown or increased workload, we’re there to provide quick and reliable support to keep you operational.

Our fleet includes air compressors, power generators, nitrogen generators, steam generators and a variety of compressed air treatment technology.

Our motto is Total Solutions which means that our job is only just beginning once we deliver the machine you need. We will work with you and provide full support across the life of your project. We can hire you individual machines for simple jobs, but we specialise in providing full spreads for complex applications and the technical expertise, knowledge and support to ensure a smooth project.

Our service offering includes:
  • 24/7 availability and support
  • State-of-the-art Atlas Copco machines
  • Contingency planning
  • Design of the installation
  • Freight and logistical services
  • Dedicated personnel (engineers, operators and technicians)
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Decommissioning

    Read more about our Total Solutions offering here.

Our Melbourne Branch

Our Melbourne branch is a key supplier to many important Victorian industries. We have extensive history working with refineries, mines, food & beverage and the general industry. We support both onshore and offshore applications. We are located in the Sunshine West industrial hub, situated close to major transport hubs allowing for quick road distribution to any part of Victoria or Melbourne. Our proximity to the Melbourne docks allows us to quickly respond to offshore equipment requirements, as well as well as support our Tasmanian depot. Our Melbourne branch carries all core products in the Atlas Copco Rental range. We carry a large number of small to medium-size electric compressors to support local drilling applications as well as general industry. We also carry several high capacity, small size electric compressors that are ideal for the mining sector. For larger applications, we carry numerous high pressure, high flow air compressors available in both oil-free and oil-flooded. We also supply medium to large sized power generators. We serve many industries across Melbourne and Victoria, with particular experience in:

Atlas Copco Rental - office information

Atlas Copco Rental Australia

Hire Center Melbourne, Victoria

Our Fleet

We carry a diverse range of machines to suit a wide variety of applications. We are the compressed air experts, but also specialise in power generators, nitrogen generators, steam boilers, boosters and a variety of air-treatment equipment. Our machines come in many configurations: Large or small footprint. Oil-free or oil-flooded. Diesel-driven or electric-driven. High pressure or medium pressure. Portable, towable or stationary. Offshore compliant. No matter the complexity of your application, we can rent you a machine that will suit.

Air Compressors

Atlas Copco air compressors are outcome of 140 years of research and innovation in the compressed air sector. The result is vast range of state-of-the-art air compressors that provide the highest quality compressed air at maximum possible efficiency.

Our compressors cover a large flow and pressure range, and are available in electric-driven, diesel-driven, oil-free or oil-flood configurations.

Power Generators

We carry a fleet of power generators from 100 – 1250 kVA that are suitable for events, construction, power plants and more. For sites with limited space, we can provide compact units with a small footprint that are easy to transport and quickly ready to run once on site. For larger power requirements, we have containerised units that are built to perform in difficult conditions and suitable for industrial or offshore use.

Nitrogen Generators

The way industries source their nitrogen is changing. In the past, regular deliveries of bottled nitrogen was the norm. Now, after realising their many benefits, companies are making the switch to on-site nitrogen generators.

Our on-site nitrogen generators come in small, portable, trailer-mounted units or large containerised units suitable for high flow requirements. Our units can produce nitrogen purities from 95%-99.5% depending on your requirements.

Air Treatment & Accessories

In addition to our core fleet of air compressors, power generators and nitrogen generators, we carry a wide variety of air treatment equipment and accessories to produce the highest quality compressed air, and to ensure we can meet the requirements of many complex applications.

Our additional equipment includes steam boilers/generators, boosters, air dryers, heat exchangers and air receivers.