Growing in the right way

At Atlas Copco, sustainability means delivering greater value to all stakeholders in a way that is economically, environmentally and socially responsible. We are fully committed to being part of the solution for a better tomorrow.

Committed to science-based targets

We have set science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the goals of the Paris agreement. Click here to read more about our ambitious targets and how these targets help enable transformation to a low-carbon society. Discover the reasons behind our commitment to science-based targets as you hear our President and CEO, Mats Rahmström, respond to five questions about our pursuit of greenhouse gas emission reduction in alignment with the Paris Agreement’s objectives.

Contributing to the Global Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) constitute a compelling appeal to foster prosperity and safeguard the planet. They acknowledge the interconnectedness of eradicating poverty and implementing measures that foster economic growth, cater to various social needs, and combat climate change and environmental degradation. Embracing the SDGs, we actively support eight out of the 17 goals, making a direct contribution towards their realization. Read more about our contribution to the Global Goals.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Our aspiration is to contribute to creating a more promising future. We acknowledge that our sustained prosperity hinges on our conduct towards our coworkers, business partners, community and the environment. We make sustainability a part of everything we do from our culture to our processes. Every three years Group Management review and approve new Group targets, all of which are relates to and ensure our sustainability. Explore further into our approach to sustainability - everything is connected.

Watch our videos on Sustainability

What if all applications used our most sustainable products?
How we can be part of the solution
Teaser: Sustainable Innovation Virtual Showroom
Global Climate Awareness

How we work

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Highest ethical standards

We live up to the highest ethical standards in everything we do because it is the right way to do business. Learn more about:

  • Our Code of Conduct
  • Reporting misconduct
  • Supporting our business partners
  • Business partner criteria
  • Code of Conduct training 
  • Prohibited and declarable lists
Team meeting up to chat.

Talented people and teams

We aim to have a work environment that attracts and keeps the best talent. See what it's like to work with us, and how we approach:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Opportunities for growth and development
Colleagues discussing in the South Korea office.

Measuring progress

We set clear goals and measure success against the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit