HealthCheck PROTM service- smart monitoring aid for vacuum pumps

Maximum reliability of pumps is essential for the production systems to be in continual operation. Pump crashes lead to higher costs, not only in terms of follow-up costs caused by system failures but also higher service expenses due to secondary damages.


Using the  HealthCheck PROTM condition-monitoring service helps prevent a possible failure before a pump breakdown, enabling a more reliable and economical service.

Why  HealthCheck PROTM?

Health check PRO on a pump

Vibration measurement is a non-invasive way of identifying deviations in pump condition that may otherwise lead to early life failure.

Early detection provides more time to act before problems occur. Checking for physical signs of Leaks & Damage, as well as monitoring the condition of Belts, Filters, Oil, etc., is another way of identifying what action might be needed to keep your pumps running efficiently. Health Check PROTM is a service to help you avoid the expense and inconvenience of unplanned failures. It will help you understand the condition of your plant and focus on potential issues before they occur, in the most cost-effective way. The service report will enable you to compare results between visits and build an accurate picture of how your vacuum pumps are performing.


In-depth knowledge of a pump’s performance in the field with regular measurement.

Preventing production downtimes with the help of alerts

Scheduled service improves planning and efficiency of the pump

What is HealthCheck PROTMcapable of?


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