Small portable pumps

Flow rates up to 2500 l/min

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As light as 26 kg


Flow rates up to 2500 l/min

Truly Portable

All models are lightweight and highly portable so easy to transport to your application site.

Made for the harshest environments

These pumps provide optimal performance, even in extreme situations. They excel when it comes to pumping sludgy water or water with large solids.

Maximum versatility

With a choice of gasoline, diesel or electric power; these pumps are fit for a variety of applications.

A complete range of small portable pumps

To enable maximum versatility and to make a pump that fits with your needs, we offer a choice of gasoline, diesel or electric power. We have 3 types to match your requirements.

Diaphragm self-priming portable pumps

LB self-priming portable pumps

Portable pumps for tough applications

These small portable pumps are made for tough applications and excels when it comes to pumping sludgy water or water with large solids. Despite its extreme ruggedness, these pumps maintains the extreme portability you have come to expect from our small pump range. - Recirculation of bentonite and drilling mud - Sludge removal - Pumping sewage or other liquids containing fibrous material - Pumping cutting or dressing water circulation in stone industries - Cleaning manholes

Centrifugal self-priming gasoline portable pumps

Centrifugal self-priming gasoline portable pumps

This pump is small enough to fit in your truck

The JB series offers two models. Both are lightweight, highly portable, self-priming, gasoline driven pumps. The JB models are ideal for multiple applications, including emergency use, general construction and industrial dewatering. They are the perfect pump to keep on site or in your truck. They are designed to be operational and performing at a moment’s notice – ready to go, when you need them.

Centrifugal self-priming portable pumps

Centrifugal self-priming portable pump

Centrifugal self-priming portable pump for easy transport

The ETP series offers four models. All are lightweight, highly portable, self-priming pumps. We offer three models which are gasoline driven. The ETP 100D model is also available with diesel power. This range of versatile pumps can be used across many applications and are great for emergency use and non-planned events.

The balance of portability and power means you can easily transport them to your application site. The rugged, high performance features ensure performance – even in the harshest of environments.

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Product Variations

LB 80B; LB 80D; LB 80E; LB 100B; LB 100D; LB 100E; ETP 50B; ETP 80B; ETP 100B; ETP 100D.

Small portable pumps

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