Full Steam Ahead for European Sugar Refinery

1 July 2019

Did you know that the production of sugar is 100% seasonal? It revolves entirely around the lifecycle and the processing of beets. A well-known European sugar refinery rented three 16t/h steam boilers from us with matching accessories to cope with its seasonal production: from the moment the beets were harvested until the sugar was packaged 4 months later, our steam boilers made sure the refinery could keep running at full throttle.

Our sweet solution

When you rent from Atlas Copco Rental, you always get more than just equipment. From solution design to commissioning and decommissioning at the end of your project, everything is adapted to the specific needs of your production process. A special convoy made sure the 16 t/h units arrived on site, ready for installation. In this case, the steam boilers needed to be connected to the existing installation, and due to limited space, there was not much room to maneuver.

The Beet Goes On

Steam is vital for sugar production as it’s used for washing, heating, cooking and evaporating processes. The entire production process - from beet to sugar - runs through several stages: the first step is the harvesting, washing and grating of the beets. The small particles are then submerged in warm water so that they release bits of sugar (i.e. the diffusion process) and the impurities are filtered out. The next step is to increase the sugar concentration in the extraction fluid through evaporating, cooking, centrifuging and drying processes. Repeating this step leads to the final product: the crystal sugar.

Why Atlas Copco Rental Steam?

Our steam boilers were introduced during the evaporation process, where high-pressure steam is used to heat the extraction fluid. But why are our steam boilers the most efficient on the market? We're not satisfied with just delivering reliable boilers. Sustainability is a must, and the only way to offer the highest efficiency is to add smoke economizers to the boilers. This integrated smoke heat recovery system is added to heat up feed water before it enters the boiler to generate steam. This advanced technology ensures an energy-efficient process and, of course, fuel savings. The brand-new 16 t/h units are all dual fuel, so they can be powered by either natural gas or light fuel oil. To guarantee a reliable solution, we also deliver matching accessories, such as pressure reducers, feed water tanks (hot wells), water treatment and pressure relief tanks.

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