When the world wants more bottles, we provide more compressed air

22 September 2020

To make sure our customer’s plant remains fully operational and can successfully manage a peak in production, Atlas Copco Rental Russia designed a sustainable electric-driven 100% oil-free Total Solution that helped keep production going.

High quality comes standard

When you think about it, glass really is all around us. It can be mass-produced, it is sturdy and highly adaptable. That’s why it is used in applications like architecture all the way to the storage of food and beverages. The latter is what our customer produces.

Verallia is one of the largest global manufacturers of glass containers for food and beverages. The company’s plants have more than 200 years of glassmaking expertise and modern well-equipped production facilities that allow them to deliver their products both domestically and abroad. In 2019, Verallia produced approximately 16 billion bottles and jars.

A solution that is both 100% and 0

For us consumers, the availability of glass bottles and jars might be something we take for granted. From wine to soda or pasta sauce, we use it just about every single day. Due to the seasonal increase in demand for glass during summer, our customer temporarily amped-up production. However, the glass production process isn’t straightforward. It consists of many stages to make a high-quality final product out of raw materials, which is capable of safely storing its contents. It goes without saying that air quality is paramount. From cooling air to glass blowing. Even the smallest amount of oil contamination can be hazardous and result in an inferior product. To ensure the end-product is as “clear” as possible, oil-free air is required. Atlas Copco Rental’s wide range of electric or diesel-driven 100% oil-free ISO 8573-1 Class Zero compressors are ideal for critical applications like this.

The Total Solution for the job

In this case, we provided an electric-driven 100% oil-free air solution for two applications. Firstly to assist in managing an increase in production. Secondly, maintenance of the customer’s compressed air cooling installation. The working parameters:
  • 100% oil-free air
  • Dry air with a dew point of -40°C
  • Air flow: of 80 – 90m³/min
  • Pressure: up to 10 bar
Our team designed an electric-driven solution that was more than capable of meeting our customer’s expectations. At the center of the setup was the PTE 1500. The PTE has multiple advantages. It is quiet, safe, reliable, and provides maximum air quality. Here’s our Total Solution:
  • 2 x PTE 1500
  • 2 x CD 780 Dryers
  • Accessories (like hoses, etc.)
  • Last but not least, our Service Engineer working on-site, making sure everything runs smoothly.
The Atlas Copco Rental team in Russia was able to meet the customer’s air needs during summer and maintenance of their equipment went according to schedule – and with no losses in production.

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