Nitrogen Generator Fleet – Atlas Copco Rental

Advanced on-site nitrogen generator technology, for hire

Atlas Copco Rental are a division of Atlas Copco focussed on the hire and rental of industrial air compressors, nitrogen generators and related machinery. Our nitrogen generators are the result of decades of research and innovation in the nitrogen generation sector. The outcome is a nitrogen generator rental fleet that is the most comprehensive in Australia. Our generators use advanced membrane technology to deliver a reliable, autonomous supply of nitrogen. They come in varying sizes and purity levels to suit for a wide range of industries and applications. They can reach purity levels of 99.95% for jobs that require the highest levels of nitrogen quality. For high capacity jobs, our larger machines can deliver up to 2500 CFM (1180 L/s). All our generators come with user-friendly control panels that allow for external adjusting and monitoring of the nitrogen purity. Call 133 420 and speak to one of our Sales Engineers about how Atlas Copco Rental nitrogen generators can add value to your next project.

Trailer-mounted nitrogen generators

We carry a range of trailer-mounted units for when you need fast, portable nitrogen. These units come with towbars for maximum portability and integrated desiccant air dryers to ensure maximum air quality. Capable of reaching purity levels up to 99% and delivering up to 244 CFM (115 L/s).

High capacity nitrogen generators

Our fleet includes a range of high capacity nitrogen generators for applications that require high flows and pressures. These machines can deliver up to 2500 CFM (1180 L/s) of nitrogen at purity levels of 95 – 99%, and operate up to 24 bar (348 PSI).

Offshore-compliant nitrogen generators

Our fleet includes nitrogen generators designed for offshore use. These generators are enclosed in 10 or 20-foot containers that carry DNV 2.7-1 certification for easy mobility onto ships and platforms, and have a host of safety features to ensure maximum protection during offshore work.