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IDDA Seal Paint Shop process

Vehicle production paint shop dispensing solutions

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Solutions for your paint shop sealing and dampening processes

Sealing, liquid applied sound dampening (LASD), and vibration damping applications in the paint shop require a high level of quality, performance and precision. They need to prevent corrosion in the long term and meet increasingly high demands in a car’s aesthetic appearance and passenger comfort. Our paint shop dispensing solutions increase productivity, enable repeatable high quality and are easy to use.

Replacing your manual processes with fully automated dispensing for sealing and dampening applications increases productivity and quality throughout the production cycle. Manual work is limited to finishing and visual inspection. You can further improve productivity and quality by adding visual inspection components to the material application process for constant monitoring and quality tracing.

Adding system options like a nozzle cleaning station eliminates the need for line stoppages to maintain the equipment's peak performance throughout the entire process and significantly reduces quality issues and rework.

Stone chip prevention

Protect critical areas of the vehicle from stone chipping

Avoid corrosion

Keep humidity out and avoid corrosion

Reduce noise level

Increase occupant comfort by reducing noise inside vehicle

Dispensing solutions for paint shop applications

Applicators are only one component of our systems critical to having the suitable bead for sealing and dampening. Other factors include material temperature and proper metering. We meet all of your challenges when it comes to your dispensing needs.

Vehicle applications

  • Rocker panel
  • Interior seam sealing
  • Sound dampening

  • Trim edge protection
  • Closure sealing
  • Roof ditch

  • Rear gutter
  • Rear lamps
  • Wheel arches

Paint shop process solutions