We take care of our people

We continuously invest in our people so that everyone can realize their full potential. Our ambition is to offer competitive salaries and benefits, continuous learning and a healthy work-life balance. We are value-driven and always look for people who share our culture of innovation, commitment and collaboration.             

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Salary and compensation

We offer competitive salaries and benefits packages in all countries where we are present. Variable compensation is based on both group and on individual performance. Salaries are reviewed annually following the salary review process in place in the local company. We provide a number of different pension solutions depending on location and local regulation. Our aim is to provide financial security after retirement.

Outside working hours

Focus on safety and well-being

The health and well-being of our people are vital to us, which is why we set very ambitious standards for workplace safety. We promote a healthy and active lifestyle and offer a range of fitness opportunities. When our people are traveling our extensive insurance policies and travel security systems are in place to keep travelers safe.

Outside working hours

Work-life balance

We believe in striking the right balance between private and professional life. Our leaders are encouraged to create a flexible and empowering work culture that fosters innovation.

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Discover more about learning and development

As a learning organization, we prepare our people for a dynamic business environment and support their professional as well as personal development by making learning easy, accessible and personal. Learn more about competence and development

We give back

Water for All is the Atlas Copco Group’s main community engagement initiative. Through the dedicated and passionate work of volunteering employees, Water for All funds projects which empower people through access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. All employee donations are matched by twice as much by Atlas Copco Group. 

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