Large High Pressure Diesel Air Compressors

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Extended Life
XC4004 Controller
AirExpert 2.0 Low Fuel Consumption 
Easy to Move
The OilXpert prevents condensation in the oil system, extedning the lifetime of the bearings and element.  This Smart Air Controller gives you all the running parameters in an easy-to-use screen offering maximum efficiency. And a mirror box for remote controlling.  The new Canbus controller AirXpert 2.0 regulation system increases reliability. This patented compressor management system brings some unique features like Flow Control and XPR; making this compressor the best in its class. Our screw element combined with engine efficency offers a best in class fuel economy. This translates to less energy loss in the system and equates to lower fuel consumption per CFM.  Loading and unloading the Drillair compressor is easy thanks to the forklift slots. It's duel-axle trailer base allows you to tow it easily to the jobsite. 

701 - 1550 cfm Compressors

Find the latest technology and versatility features in our line of large high pressure diesel air compressors for easy handling. The Atlas Copco X-Air⁺ 750-25, XRVS 1000, and XRVS 1550 allows for direct flow control features designed for volume and air flow control. Plus, an integrated controller is included with each model to allow for maximum ease of use. 

X-Air⁺ 750-25

X-Air⁺ 750-25 portable air compressor

Free Air Delivery cfm 701 - 678
Working Pressure psi (g) 232 - 363
Engine   Cummins QSB6.7
Technology   AirXpert Technology

XRVS 1000

Atlas Copco XRVS 1000 950x950 US

Free Air Delivery cfm 911 -1136
Working Pressure psi (g) 218 - 508
Engine   Caterpiller C-13
Technology   PACE Technology

XRVS 1550

Atlas Copco XRVS 1550 950x950

Free Air Delivery cfm 1350 - 1550
Working Pressure psi (g) 246 - 508
Engine   Caterpiller C-18 TT
Technology   PACE Technology

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