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Shaping the Future with Sustainable Products

We are dedicated to innovating the future of environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions that increase operational efficiency and enable a return on investment.

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Understanding change

Besides CO2, the international organisms' primary pollution targets in engine exhaust emissions are particulate matter (PM), and ozone precursors of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and hydrogarcbons (HC).

Science-based targets

We aim to reduce the emissions from direct operations by 46% by 2030, compared to our 2019 baseline. We also target to reduce our value chain emissions, mainly the carbon impact of products in use, by 28%.

Renewable energies

Relying on renewable sources can reduce operational costs, emissions and fuel consumption by up to 100%. Our green products work hand in hand with renewables!

Batteries as an alternative

The recent developments in high-density lithium-ion batteries provide manufactures an alternative way of addressing sustainability. This technology enables operation in emissions-free and noise-sensitive locations.



Product efficiencies we are pioneering:

Manufacturing Efficiences Using Renewable Energy


We have placed over 2,000 solar panels on the roof of our factory in Rock Hill, SC. This will generate power for 50% of the factory leading to more energy efficiences throughout our manufacturing process. 

Fuel Efficiency and More Usability Control


The feature built into our compressors allows you to consume 50% less fuel during no-load periods. Using the controller in ECO-MODE, it will automatically switch from unload to no-load modes on the machine. This feature helps reduce your total cost of ownership

Use pressure (PSI) range with a single compressor


Use the widest operating pressure range with a single compressor, saving you time and saving money while on the jobsite. 

One air compressor can be used for multiple applications, higher utilization in rental fleet with imrpoved efficiencies leading to higher ROI on jobs. 

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Shaping the Future with Sustainable Products

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