8 series, ready-to-go, small diesel compressor

The Atlas Copco XAS 185 150 is a single-stage, oil-injected, rotary screw type air compressors powered by a liquid-cooled, 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine with cold start.

XAS 185-150 Tiles

The unit incorporate the new generation C67 screw element in its air end, combined with a Kubota diesel engine model V1505-CR-T-E5B, complying with the T4F emission standard.

Special attention has been given to the overall product quality, user friendliness, ease of serviceability, and economical operation to ensure best in class cost of ownership.

The optional pioneering PACE functionality coupled with the intuitive Xc2003 controller enables multiple pressure and flow settings ensuring meeting air flow and pressure to the application requirements. 

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  • PACE (on selected models)
  • Designed with environmental protection in mind
  • Compact, sound attenuated, corrosion resistant enclosure
  • HardHatTM hood and 3-layer painting of metal parts


  • Versitile and flexibility in the XC2003 controller provides the machine with a wider range of applications. Increasing utilization and ROI over standard compressors.
  • The PACE functionality ensures that the air flow matches the desired operating pressure maximizing output without compromising fuel efficiency. 
  • The unit comes with a Spillage Free frame as standard with 110% fluid containment and Tier 4 Final emission compliant engine, this makes the compressor suitable for use in all areas in North America
  • For OND compliance the unit is enclosed in a sound attenuated Zincor steel enclosure. Compact and maneuverable, saving valuable space on your job site and during transportation, weighing less than 1350 lbs.
  • High residual value and low repair costs


Model   XAS 185 150
Minimum effective receiver pressure psig 29
Maximum effective receiver pressure (Unloaded)  psig 150
Normal effective working pressure psig 100 - 150
Actual free air delivery cfm 119 - 174
Fuel consumption    
at 100% FAD (full load)  gal/hr 2.7
at 75% FAD gal/hr 1.9
at 50% FAD gal/hr 1.3
at 25% FAD  gal/hr 1.1
Maximum typical oil content of compressed air ppm 10
Max. sound pressure level (Lp @ ISO 2151)  dB(A) 70
Compressed air temperature at outlet valve  °F (°C) 185 (85)
Max. ambient temperature at sea level °F (°C) 122 (50)
Min. starting temperature with cold weather equipment °F (°C) -4 (-20)




Emissions Regulation   Tier 4 Final
Coolant   ParCool Green
Number of cylinders   4
Bore in 3
Stroke in 3.1
Swept volume gal 0.4
 Engine power at normal shaft speed @ ISO 9249G hp 44
Full Load rpm 3000
Unload rpm 1800
Capacity of oil US gal 1.5
Capacity of cooling system  US gal 8.5
Capacity of compressor oil system US gal 2.2
Net capacity of air receiver  US gal 3.2
Air volume at inlet grating (approx.)  cfm 1970
Capacity of standard fuel tanks  US gal 16
Safety valve - minimum opening pressure  psig 210

Applications & Use Cases

Handheld Pneumatic Tools

Atlas Copco handheld pneumatic breaker TEX 150PE

Atlas Copco's XAS 110 KD air compressors are indispensable on any job site. For everyday tools such as impact wrenches and pile drivers as well as nails guns and sanders, a powerful force is essential.

Abrasive Blasting

Railway bridge renovation in Lithuania

The complete line of air compressors by Atlas Copco are excellent for abrasive blasting and are useful for municipalitites, food processing, and bridge maintanance.