The WEDA L80N slurry pump features a max head of up to 98ft, max flow of 660USgpm, and can withstand solids of up to 1.0in.

The WEDA slurry pumps are the toughest and have the largest apertures to facilitate handling of slurry with the most challenging solids. These pumps are specially designed to operate in quarries, dredging and settling ponds, dealing with abrasive media with high solids content.


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Specifications   3ph
Max. head ft 98
Max. flow US gpm 660
  m3/hr 152
Rated output hp 20
Max. power input kW 22
Discharge connection in ASME 4" 150lb
Max solid handling in 1.0

Product Code Weda L80N
Installation Portable 
Discharge connection DN100/ASME 4 in/DIN
Hydraulic range N - Normal Head
Solid handling Max. solids 25 mm 1 in
Liquid temperature max 95°F (35°C), standard
pH of the liquid pumped pH 4-10
Frequency 60 Hz
Number of poles 4
Insulation class H
Portection class IP68
Thermal contacts 230°F (110°C)
Cable H07RN-F 4G10/SOOW 4xAWG6
Cable length 65 ft (20m)
Outer casing CI Alloy
Impeller Cr Alloy CI
Wear parts Cr Alloy CI
Stator housing CI Alloy
Strainer Steel
Shaft Stainless steel
O-rings Viton
Discharge connection Steel
Bearings Heavy Duty Bearings
Motor Side Seals 1 mechanical seal (silicon carbide in oil bath)
Impeller Side Seals

1 mechanical seal (silicon carbide in oil bath)

+ 4 lip seal (2 BUNA + 2 TPU)

Discharge Flange
Start type Direct-on-line
Weight and dimensions  
Weight (lb) 689
Hieght (in) 42.5 
Width (in) 22.8
Diameter (in) 19.5



Rating 3 ph 
Power P1 16.1 kW (21.6 HP)
Power P2 15 kW (20 HP)
Shaft speed  25.4 A
460 V  1750 r.p.m.

Applications & Use Cases

Industrial Slurries

WEDA L application

WEDA L80N slurry pumps' high abrasion resistance makes them an excellent choice for industrial slurries.


WEDA L application

Slurry pumps for dredging are used to remove contaminants from water, move sediment, create waterways, and mine for metals. The WEDA L80N pump is designed for the toughest applications thanks to its high durability and abrasion resistance.