Large Low Pressure Diesel Compressors

Large Low Pressure Diesel Compressors
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These energy-efficient workhorses tackle applications such as drill and blast, shallow depth drilling, plant back-up air, abrasive blasting, pipeline pigging, drying, and purging. Aligning pressure or flow per application not only increases versatility but also overall performance. In addition, fuel efficiency is best-in-class for all pressure settings. These compressors offer high compressed air flows, in a small package to optimize both transportation costs and onsite usage. Whether it is a combination of different air quality features like aftercoolers, water separators, and filters, or a design in line with your company branding; this range can be optimized for your business requirements.

750 - 1800 cfm Compressors

Low-pressure equipment is required for certain processes. Thus, Atlas Copco has developed a line of Large Low-Pressure Diesel Compressors to provide the appropriate amount of air. Depending on power needs, the XASs 950, XAS 1800 JD, or XAS 1800 CD provide reliable performance. 

XAS 950

950 cfm diesel compressor USA

Free Air Delivery cfm 754 - 950
Working Pressure psi (g) 100 - 200
Engine   Perkins or Caterpillar Engine (CAT)
Technology   PACE Technology

XAS 1800 JD

XAS 1800 Product

Free Air Delivery cfm 1400 - 1800
Working Pressure psi (g) 100 - 200
Engine   John Deere
Technology   PACE Technology

XAS 1800 CD

XAS 1800 Product

Free Air Delivery cfm 1403 - 1811
Working Pressure psi (g) 100 - 200
Engine   Caterpillar C13
Technology   PACE Technology

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