Agile emergency response and oil-free air help avoid penalties!

March 10, 2021

Agile emergency response helps avoid massive penalties for our customer

While usually very expensive, it’s often hard to calculate the precise cost of downtime and loss of production capacity in the event of a breakdown in critical equipment. But not in the case of our customer, a utilities provider for the automotive industry. Because when a compressor broke down at their own customer’s plant in northern Italy, the exact figure was stated in their service contract. Without a lightning-fast solution, our customer would have been liable for massive penalties. Luckily, they could count on our colleagues at Atlas Copco Rental Italy. They got the plant back online in no time. And on a weekend no less!

Fast delivery and commissioning

We got the request for an emergency back-up oil-free compressor at 1.45pm on a Saturday. This was the starting shot for a rapid and coordinated response from our local team. In less than 2 hours, they had a fully dimensioned and costed proposal ready for signing. By 4pm, all equipment was tested, loaded and en route to its destination in Northern Italy. There it arrived at 10.30pm the same night. Everything was installed by noon the following day, ready for our technicians to commission at 5.30am Monday with the start of the weekly production cycle.

All in a weekend’s work for Sales Engineer, Nicola Di Savino and his team: “We understand as well as anybody that time equals money, especially in a plant of this size. Which is why we have the people, the equipment and the processes in place to ensure a quick-fire response in the event of an emergency.”

Efficient service and equipment

Naturally, in an emergency such as this, the primary concern is to meet the minimum technical requirements in the shortest possible timeframe. But there’s no reason not to exceed those requirements with state-of-the-art equipment that sets the industry standard for efficiency and reliability. We installed the Atlas Copco ZT 315 VSD FF oil-free electric compressor with built-in dryer and inverter. This combination guarantees high flow rates of 100% oil-free air. Moreover it operates extremely economically – without the hassle, expense and risk of managing fuel supplies, replacing filters or meeting other maintenance or servicing requirements. For proven plug-and-play operation! 

Saving money and face

As a result of our timely interventions, our customer not only avoided paying exorbitant penalties for lost production time. They also succeeded in safeguarding their own reputation. And as a utilities service provider to multiple customers throughout the region, that is even more valuable in the long run than the profitability of a single project!