Oil-free compressed air ready to assist during winter storms

January 30, 2022

With unprecedented freezing temperatures, a refinery in Texas faced the risk of shutting down production

In the Oil & Gas industry, some processes depend on electricity. While this can help companies reduce their emissions, you never expect natural disasters. A good contingency plan must consider different ways to overcome any challenge.

The Challenge

In February 2021, Texas suffered one of the worst energy infrastructure failures leading to more than 4.5 million homes and businesses without power for several days. One of our customers in the refinery/chemical industry was among those businesses at risk of shutting down and causing a significant loss of resources and raw materials. No one could have predicted a winter freeze of this magnitude, leaving many without a plan and needing a quick and efficient solution to restart production right away.

The Journey

Due to the power crisis and the number of businesses in critical status, we experienced an increasing demand for our diesel air compressors and fuel tanks.

Refineries need continuous compressed air, so the customer was looking for a complete solution that proved to be of the highest quality, which meant using oil-free and dry air to avoid contamination.

As our customer continued to fighting against time and the risk increasing, the main challenge was to deliver the compressors, dryers, and additional items needed as quickly as possible to minimize downtime. 

I stayed in direct contact with the customer at all times and gave any needed updates to them as they were very nervous and eager to get the equipment as soon as possible.

Tammy Romines , Rental Coordinator

The Total Solution

With open communication and quick response from various departments such as fleet, finance, service, and sales, we mobilized available equipment from other locations to fulfill our customer's rental needs.

While the expected delivery timeline was at least five days or more, we were able to deliver the entire solution in three days for two different locations in the facility with quick thinking and action focus.  

We were also able to facilitate all the accessories needed and save the customer time and effort locating hoses and fuel tanks.

We delivered six diesel oil-free compressors divided into 2 PTS 1600 for the first location and 4 PTS 800 for the second one. Each site received the required dryers, fuel tanks, and hoses to continue its operations without issue.

Communication is crucial. That is why we always keep our line of communications open at all times with our customers. The client received continuous notifications from their Area Sales Manager, Tammy Romines, regarding delivery expectations, leading to a five-star ranking for service, constant communication, and dedication to making things happen.

Whether you need oil-free compressed air, nitrogen, or steam, Atlas Copco Rental is ready to deliver the right and complete solution for your unique need.

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