Modular Power Solution ensures round-the-clock operations.

March 15, 2021

Atlas Copco Rental UK provided a total solution to ensure the round-the-clock operation of a floating production storage and offloading asset.

Semco Maritime, a leading project developer for the oil and gas industry, was awarded a yard stay project with Altera Infrastructure for its floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) asset, the Voyageur Spirit. Built in 2008, the Voyageur Spirit is a cylindrical Sevan 300 type which will be moored and maintained at Kishorn Port on the North West coast of Scotland.

Semco Maritime required a total rental solution to power the vessel’s electrical systems, deliver compressed air and, let’s not forget, store the 60,000L of diesel required to ensure round-the-clock operation. Which explains why they got on board with Atlas Copco Rental!

A flexible approach

The Voyageur Spirit needed to be kept in port. Taking this into account, our team of experts worked closely with the Semco Maritime team to understand their requirements and objectives.

We harnessed this insight to design an efficient, compact and reliable total rental solution. Our flexible approach allowed us to adapt the recommended solution as the project evolved, to ensure the final package met all of Semco Maritime’s needs.

A state-of-the-art total solution

Our solution comprised of a complex array of generators, compressors, dryers, fuel tanks, manifolds, hoses, and cables – all of which are designed and built to work together in unison whilst making best use of the limited space available. To power the vessel’s main electrical systems, the state-of-the-art Atlas Copco QAS 400 and QAS 630 power modules deliver 1000kVA of electrical power at 690V via a step-up transformer. The more compact QAE 30, on the other hand, serves the stairwell lighting. Finally, a XAVS 238 compressor with CD 185 dryer provides a constant supply of dry air to reliably drive the ship’s platform systems. Our customer also benefits from our advanced technology as our generators and compressors allow for remote performance monitoring. As part of our total solution to Semco Maritime, we remotely monitor key information such as fuel consumption to continually ensure maximum efficiency of the equipment. In addition, thanks to our innovative power management system, the generators automatically start, stop and load share depending on power demand. This means the 400kVA generator will only run at peak moments, reducing fuel consumption and service intervals. With Atlas Copco Rental you always get more than just a machine! Our certified Service Engineers managed the entire installation and commissioning of the equipment. They also perform a regular check-up and maintenance of the package every 10 days, to ensure optimum performance of the equipment at all times. The Voyageur Spirit is to be moored at Kishorn Port until its next assignment. Thanks to the flawless operation of our total solution, she will be ready to resume her offshore duties at a moment’s notice.