The only way is up

When the footprint is limited … the only way is up! That’s easier said than done, but when has that ever stopped us? A brand-new innovation by Atlas Copco Rental is perfect for when you require a solution that has to fit in.

Optimize available space

As far as equipment goes, Atlas Copco Rental has a substantial fleet of specialized offshore equipment available. From electric- to diesel-driven solutions. Nitrogen generators to oil-free air. Our Offshore Experts continuously search for ways to further optimize our solutions in order for you to reduce costs and increase efficiency. For the latest innovation in our fleet, we decided to go up. Not up in pressure, flow, or power. But literally up. Thanks to standardized sizes and strict regulations, it is relatively straightforward to calculate the impact equipment will have on your operational footprint. Which, as we all know is a valuable commodity, to say the least. What if there was a straightforward – and above all safe - way to reduce the impact of temporary equipment on your footprint, without influencing performance and efficiency?

The Atlas Copco Rental Stacked Solution uses DNV2.7-1 certified lifting frames, which allows us to stack the units safely Onshore and Offshore. By decreasing the footprint of our equipment, we can increase your operational efficiency.

Michel Jasica , Manager Offshore NorthSea Region

By “Stacking” our Temporary Solutions we have found a way that doesn’t only solve a problem, it creates an opportunity. An opportunity for you to continue to optimize your operations and increase efficiency. The custom exhaust systems, which is part of the modular stackable setup, collects and directs emissions away from the crew.

In further compliance with regulations, ISO 14122 standards and Offshore requirements, we have developed a lightweight modular work platform. It is equipped with a walkway and handrail which provides safe access and excellent fall protection and thus significantly reducing risks of injuries to the operators. It also provides an extended standing platform your operators to ergonomically work on the modular Stacked Solutions setup if necessary.

Controlling the solution

In addition to the Stacked Solution, our Project Team developed an additional centralized “Mirror” control panel. The startup and regulation of all connected units, bringing air to the required flow and pressure levels, is all possible with the push of a button. The remote “Mirror” control panel also allows monitoring of service timers and potential alarms.

Let’s stack up the benefits for you:

  • Reduce footprint
  • Flexibility
  • Safe
  • Easy to access
  • Modular
  • DNV Certified lifting frames
  • Removable walkway
  • New controller

The Stacked Solution is available for both Offshore and Onshore applications. Because footprints can be limited on land as well. Would you like to know more? Please click the button below to contact your local Atlas Copco Rental Representative.

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At Atlas Copco, we have been turning industrial ideas into business-critical benefits since 1873. By listening to our customers and knowing their needs, we deliver value and innovate with the future in mind. Great ideas reinforce sustainable development. At Atlas Copco Specialty Rental, we team up with our customers to set up state-of-the-art temporary air, flow, steam and nitrogen solutions. Our passionate experts have extensive application and equipment knowledge. We understand our customers' needs and can provide a total solution for any industry, no matter if it is for emergencies or planned projects. We are a division of the Power Technique business area, headquartered in Boom, Belgium and offer specialty rental solutions under several brands around the globe.

The only way is up

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