Experiencing Atlas Copco Energy Storage Systems with wind energy

Experiencing the Power

Mark Adams, Sales & Marketing Director at Air Plus, shares his experience with our range of Lithium-ion Energy Storage Systems. Adams reflects on the role that this new technology will play in the power supply sector, and explains why they  have decided to work with Atlas Copco's ZBP and ZBC Energy Storage Systems. 

"Air Plus resolved to acquire Atlas Copco's Energy Storage Systems because we deliver solutions for a broad range of branches and industries. Therefore, we needed a product that is flexible, reliable and sustainable", said Adams. When asked about the benefits for end users, the Sales & Marketing Director answered: "These innovative solutions deliver an extra value: the environmental aspect is very important, the efficiency and savings, and they also offer a great return on investment".

Mark Adams shared some insights on the latest applications in which Air Plus had been able to successfully involve an Energy Storage Solution. They had delivered a ZBP to work at a construction site, for a welding company. "The customer had bought a QAS+ and used it in in hybrid mode with an Atlas Copco's ZBP for peak shaving during the day. Overnight, when the energy demand is low, the energy storage solution runs in island mode, covering the whole load", asserted Adams. Construction operators often rely on such solutions to reduce carbon emissions onsite, extend their working day and increase their productivity.

In addition, Air Plus will take part in a project of 2.3 MW in the Antwerp harbor. Four Atlas Copco's ZBC 200-500 Energy Storage Systems will be used to store the energy coming from several windmills, which will later be used to power electric vehicles. Regarding this particular application, Adams assured that "these products are ideal to store energy coming from renewable sources, which can be delivered at any given time, inmediately or in a later stadium".

Air Plus, a close-knit family business founded in 2000, became an official dealer and service partner of Atlas Copco in 2017. Now, they are a reference in the mobile solutions market in Central Europe, providing customers with generators and air compressors, and now, Energy Storage Systems as well.

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Experiencing Atlas Copco Energy Storage Systems with wind energy

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