360° view of the HiLight H6+ light tower

Discover our exclusive HardHat® body from every angle.

HiLight H6+ light tower is more than meets the eye

The new light tower from Atlas Copco offers low operational costs and reduced noise levels while increasing illumination coverage. The HiLight H6+ is ideal to use in tough environments, such as applications in construction, mining, events, and rental, thanks to Atlas Copco’s innovative HardHat® body.

1. Easy operation​

The control panel for the HiLight H6+ is in an exterior lateral so it is easy to access and use. This is a great benefit for users, as the doors where rotating parts are do not need to be opened to operate this light tower. ​ ​The control panel includes an advanced controller with automatic start and stop, photocell and timer.

2. HardHat® body ​

The HiLight H6+ light tower comes with Atlas Copco’s innovative HardHat® body, made of polyethylene rather than metal, to protect the working operation underneath from the elements. ​ ​The HardHat® is resistant to corrosion, crack-resistant, environmentally friendly, and better able to meet the tough demands of on-site use. Service downtime is decreased due to its heavy-duty filtration system.

3. Easy serviceability

HardHat® body is easy to fit and remove from the light tower, providing an access of 360º to the unit for internal maintenance. The H6+ light tower only requires a simple service after 600 hours of operation which can be carried out in 40 minutes.

4. More Luminosity ​

The HiLight H6+ features a new generation of LED floodlights that are more efficient and provide optimal light distribution up to 6,000 m2 illumination area. ​ ​This light tower comes with a dimming function to offer the right luminosity at each moment, delivering up to 40% C02 savings and extending the autonomy over 300 hours. ​ The LED lighting units have 50.000hrs lifespan and are supported by an 8m galvanized mast.

5. Noise reduction​

The HiLight H6+ delivers a significant reduction in noise levels and is on average 5dBA quieter than comparable light towers on the market, what makes it ideal for metropolitan constructions, industrial works and events. The HiLight H6+ is becoming the quietest light tower in the market emitting 55dBA at 7m.

6. Easy transportability ​

There are three different ways of transporting the HiLight H6+ efficiently; the integrated lifting point, four forklift slots and three different tow-bars to choose. The towbar provides flexibility, as can be folded during transportation

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360° view of the HiLight H6+ light tower

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