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Extreme bolting - the future of hydraulic bolting


An automated subsea bolting solution

The Hydros concept offers a faster and safer alternative to saturation diving, which is the current standard solution in sub sea bolting. The main benefits are derived from the fact that a human no longer need to be exposed to the dangers of deep diving as well as crucial functions that are only possible in an automated system. The work is based on a field trip that was conducted in cooperation with and sponsored by Atlas Copco with an end goal to explore new ways of developing hydraulic bolt tensioning tools. The new solution is more flexible, both in regards of time and function. The lack of human intervention also removes large costs that may instead financially motivate the development and retail of this product. This project was done in cooperation with Atlas Copco Industrial Technique.

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Electrorun Safety Wrench

Handheld tool for tightening and loosening high loaded bolts

Electrorun Safety Wrench - Atlas Copco Electrorun Safety Wrench is a new handheld tool concept for tightening and loosening high loaded bolts. It combines the power of a conventional hydraulic torque wrench, the speed of a nut runner and the reliability of the safety nut. All combined to give the best response in high demand and heavy-duty tasks in the field of construction, wind power, oil rigs and more. This new concept improves the performance of operators by aiding them during the whole process. From carrying the tools on site to the actual tightening, thanks to its main features: Double handle - Safety flaps - Smart Feedback - Electric nut runner These are meant to change the future of "Extreme bolting" tooling for Atlas Copco. Extreme bolting stands for all those professional areas that require high load tightening of big bolts and nuts. Which are extremely dangerous, so improvements in safety and communication with the tools and the team were essential. Perfect for reduced spaces, this low profile wrench provides a wide flat support as well as a firm grip.

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WASP - Wind Turbine Automation Service Protocol

An autonomous bolt and nut maintenance solution

With a bigger need for renewable energy offshore windfarms are increasing rapidly all over the world. Today all the bolt and nut maintenance is made by on-site technician teams going out with equipment either by boat or helicopter. The fickle weather conditions together with high risk procedures make it sometimes difficult for the maintenance teams to reach the windfarms, leaving wind turbines unattended during rough sea. WASP is an autonomous bolt and nut maintenance solution which is installed together with the wind turbine and will continue to operate throughout the turbine's life cycle. All bolt and nut maintenance is overseen and documented through live-feedback to onshore operators. Independent of weather or time of the day. Without the need for on-site personell WASP is saving both time and money and eliminates the risks.

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