Oil-free air ensures smooth olive oil production

June 18, 2020

When we say Italy, you say ... Pasta! No. Pizza! No. Olive oil! YES! One of the largest producers of olive oil in Italy, required additional oil-free air to ensure that production kept going smoothly during a scheduled maintenance of their compressed air installation.

Going for Zero

Even the smallest amount of oil contamination can be hazardous and result in an inferior product, as well as long-term damage to a customer’s reputation. To ensure the end-product is as pure as possible when being bottled, oil-free compressed air is necessary. Our Class Zero equipment is ISO-certified – an industry first. Our wide range of electric or diesel-driven 100% oil-free compressors is ideal for critical applications like in the Food & Beverage Industry, and more specifically bottling olive oil.

Oil-free on electricity with the ZT

To achieve the working parameters of 35 – 40 bar pressure and flow of 40m³/min, that matches the customer’s installation and ensure production can keep going, we provided the following setup:

A total electric solution

The HNX 210 VSD electric-driven booster is ideal for high-pressure air and nitrogen applications. It provides 100% pure air (ISO 8573-1, Class 0 (2010) certification). Because it is a unique trailer-mounted solution, which eliminates the need for lifting, it is virtually plug-and-play. This combination makes our HNX Booster efficient, easy to operate, and safe.

Like the HNX, the ZT compressor is ready-to-use, which limits commissioning time even more. While the ZT-range is electric-driven, it still performs like its diesel-driven counterparts. No diesel does not mean less performance. Due to the increasing demand for electric-driven solutions, the ZT is becoming the go-to oil-free air compressor for applications like this. Combined with the electric-driven booster, Atlas Copco Rental Italy was able to offer a solution that was both sustainable and efficient.

Everything went according to plan, and we managed to meet our client’s expectations with our Total Solution approach. But … Don’t take our word for it … 

The rental went well I would say, in the end the two compressors arrived with all the right fittings and gaskets. Everything was perfect, the machines worked well and your telephone assistance was always prompt and professional, especially from you, Andrea , and Ms. Belgiorno. Thank you very much for your collaboration, it was a beautiful and very educational experience for me.

The company’s maintenance manager

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