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CO2 recovery from fermentation in breweries

Brewery CO2 Recovery

When producing beer, breweries conduct a whole process of malting, milling, mashing and so on. One of the steps is the fermentation of the yeast. Here, a low-pressure compressor supplies oxygen to bacteria which in turn creates alcohol using micro-organisms. During this process CO2 is created and released. Our CO2 recovery system can recover this CO2 that would otherwise be lost and store it. Knowing that approximately 4kg of CO2 is produced per hectoliter beer and to carbonate the same amount of beer only 3kg of CO2 is needed, it shows that breweries are not only able to sustain their own need of carbon dioxide but additionally they can use it for other commercial goals. This means that on average the CO2-compressor will have paid back its investment in 2 to 3 years. CO2 can be used for carbonating drinks, medical purposes and MIG welding.

•Save money by not having to invest in CO2 acquisitions
•Reduce your environmental impact by recycling CO2 emissions
•Acquire the global support that we offer
•Experience a return on investment after approximately 3 years

CO2 recovery from fermentation during brewing process