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Reaction force and ergonomics: How to keep your workers safe and happy

6 minute(s) to read July 23, 2021

It’s no secret that fastening tools, in general, are rather notorious for injury-causing torque reaction forces if not used safely and correctly. Torque reaction force is a phenomenon that is caused by the turning force required to tighten a bolt or screw.

In order to counteract this torque reaction, operators must apply an equal force on the handle of the tool in the opposite direction. Without devices, accessories, or specific tools that were developed to absorb torque reaction, prolonged exposure to torque reaction can cause a handful of serious injuries on operators.

Low reaction application scene with tbp

The effect of prolonged exposure to torque reaction on the body

Uncontrolled reaction force over a prolonged period of time can cause a number of musculoskeletal injuries. Repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome – these are some of the body-injuries that can happen when your operators are exposed to the frequent and high torque reaction force. This is the reason Atlas Copco places such a strong emphasis on ergonomics in the workplace.

We know that if operators are uncomfortable or at risk of injury, production, quality, and morale is also at risk.

Meet Atlas Copco’s Low Reaction Tools (LRT)

Atlas Copco's line of Low Reaction Tools is developed to keep operators safe and happy while they produce high quality, accurate tightening results. High torque and strong operator ergonomics are possible in one single tool. More specifically, it’s possible in all three of the tools included in the LRT line:

-The TBP Cordless Pulse Toolh

-The Tensor SRB Cordless Nutrunner

-and the ErgoPulse PTI.

The TBP Cordless Pulse Tool

This battery pulse tool has completely redefined what a low reaction pulse tool can achieve on the line. The TBP offers high torque, accuracy, and speed with no reaction force. Even better is its low vibrations and cooling system that prevents the cordless tool from overheating. One-handed operation allows for maximum flexibility and productivity.

The Tensor SRB Cordless Nutrunner

This cordless nutrunner is powered by Atlas Copco’s new battery generation, meaning that customers can choose between 18v or 36v without having to compromise on tool speed or torque ability. Tensor SRB offers traditional tightening strategies such as 2 Steps and Quick Step, but it also comes with more advanced strategies including TurboTight and TensorPulse.

Tensor SRB was developed to absorb reaction force in low torque applications.

The ErgoPulse PTI

The newest addition to the LRT line-up is our ErgoPulse PTI, a pneumatic, low weight pulse tool that automatically shuts off when the pre-set torque is reached. Torque is consistent and accurate while your operators are protected from reaction force and vibration levels.

This tool has the ability to care for the wellbeing of operators, while at the same time lowering the total cost of ownership of your pulse tools.


In summary

The safety of operators using fastening tools is the reason Atlas Copco has developed the LRT line, which continues to expand as we design and assemble more low reaction tools. We know that minimizing the impact on the operator while maintaining high speed, accuracy, and torque on the line is your highest priority. It’s ours too. Eliminate the risk of repetitive stress injuries and increase productivity on your line with our low reaction tools today.

For more information on the LRT line, contact Atlas Copco today and schedule a demo.

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