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When it comes to clean, oil free compressed air and nitrogen for your food and beverage processes, you can't afford to compromise and risk oil contamination.

100% Oil-free air compressor: ISO-certified

For every critical stage in your production and packaging operations, you can rely on our ISO-certified 100% oil free compressors.

Bread production line - Italy

Our 24/7 flexible rental service ensures your operations are safe, both in planned and emergency shutdown situations - even when your power supply is compromised.

  • Instrument air: 100% oil free air

  • Cleaning air

  • Pneumatic conveying

  • Aeration

  • Fermentation

  • Modified atmospheric packaging (MAP): a continuous flow of compressed nitrogen at desired purity

  • Cooling & Spraying

  • Packaging equipment

  • Waste water treatment

  • Electricity supply: diesel-driven generators to counter power breakdowns or shortage

Eliminate all risk of contamination

Pasta production line - France

Atlas Copco oil free screw compressors are developed for applications demanding the highest level of purity.

For these applications zero oil means zero risk of oil contamination.

It means zero risk of damaged or unsafe products or of losses due to operational downtime. Above all, zero oil means zero risk of ruining your hard-earned reputation.

Advantages of Atlas Copco Rental air compressor packages