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At Atlas Copco Power Technique we are listening ! We innovate to meet your needs with leading edge technology in air, power and flow solutions and service you can count on. We strive to deliver sustainable value across construction, mining, infrastructure and waterwell drilling segments.

The Story of the Yellow Box

Portable Air

At Atlas Copco Portable Air we have a great idea for every application our customers may face, now and in the future. The division designs, manufactures and markets mobile compressors, including high pressure boosters, and light demolition handheld tools for industries all over the world and under various brands. Our passionate people, decades of expertise and customer-focused vision come together in clean, efficient, smart and connected products that meet the most demanding customer requirements. We are headquartered in Belgium, with factories in Belgium, Brazil, China, India and the United States and a network of committed employees and dealers that stretches the globe.

Power and Flow

Great ideas are at the heart of everything we do at Power and Flow. We work closely with our customers to guarantee an innovative and sustainable future, turning bright ideas into energy efficient technology in mobile generators, light towers and pumps, along with associated accessories and connectivity solutions. Our engineering expertise results in products and solutions that are used in a wide range of industries including construction, industrial, mining, events, dewatering and rental. The divisional headquarters is in Zaragoza, Spain, and its main development and manufacturing units are located in Europe, Asia, South America and North America.

The Indian landscape is dotted with yellow boxes. Be it mining, quarries, borewell drilling, infrastructure, construction or road projects, our equipment are focused on touching lives in India and around the world. 

Our equipment is designed based on customer insights to ensure:
- the right compressed air technology is developed to meet the unique needs of your application.
- the right light for your site so crucial projects get completed on time.
- the right operator comfort and safety so drilling becomes more efficient.
- the right pumping action so unwanted water flows away.
- the right intervention with genuine parts, oils and maintenance at the right time to ensure machine uptime.
How does our world class equipment touch Indian lives?
  • Our portable air compressors powered with jack hammers in quarries contribute to your granite needs at home
  • Our Water well compressors enhances the drilling power of waterwell drills which supports agriculture with critical water needs
  • Our portable electric compressors ensure the best marble output from quarries for creating beautiful marble sculptures
  • Rock bolting on slopes to prevent landslides with our portable air compressors….to keep you safe
  • Building better roads with high aggregate output from quarries with our portable air compressors and drill rods
  • Best in class service and genuine parts our customers can count on, so you can enjoy peace of mind
Atlas Copco portable air compressors, light towers, handheld tools and pumps stand out visibly different from other equipment manufacturers in the same class not just in terms of its distinct yellow colour but also in terms of productivity, trust, innovation, commitment and quality.

Specialty Rental

Great ideas reinforce sustainable development. That’s why at Atlas Copco Specialty Rental we promote agility by focusing on responsive actions, being able to adapt to any situation and doing so in a smart way. Our passionate experts do this together with our customers through providing them air, power, flow, steam and nitrogen solutions according to their needs. By teaming up with our customers we are making agility count.

We are a division of the Power Technique business area, headquartered in Boom, Belgium and offer specialty rental solutions under several brands around the globe.

Our innovative products

At Atlas Copco, we have been innovating in India since 1960. From bringing in the first portable diesel air compressors to today’s advanced portable diesel air compressors, electric compressors and waterwell drilling compressors, we have created success stories in infrastructure projects, quarries and mines, waterwell applications.

Our range of forward thinking portable air compressors are powered with:

  • Low cost of ownership for improved customer productivity
  • Highly advanced screw element for operations at the highest efficiency levels
  • High fuel efficiency to minimize environmental impact
  • Compact design for easy manoeuvrability

We also bring in advanced LED lighting technology in our light towers making it the safest and most efficient light tower for road construction, airports, hydropower projects, and mining and construction applications.  As the first light tower in India to be CPCB II compliant for the entire unit, and the patented HardHat® canopy, we are India's most eco-friendly light tower. 

We are the only manufacturing company, which can also provide hydraulic power pack driven tools and light engine driven tools along with pneumatic tools. Our ergonomic handheld tools and high performance dust collectors keep operators safe ensuring efficiency and productivity.

We at Atlas Copco are leading on the digital aftermarket journey with service offerings ranging from mobile apps to remote machine monitoring and maintenance, all designed to keep your machine running.

Experience the power of compressed air, power, flow and service on the move ! 

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Latest innovations in portable air compressors, light towers, handheld tools and pumps
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Portable air compressors, light towers, handheld tools, pumps and service

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