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Power women on the move !

Meet the power women from the portable air, light, flow and service divisions. As a team of determined, passionate and confident women, they welcome challenges, new beginnings and keep moving to chase their dreams! As a litmus test to how they celebrate their work and thrive in a diversity driven culture......here are their power stories....

Making diversity visible !

Women in Power Technique India

Barsha Roy - Human Resource Manager

I believe inclusion is invisible, it's just got to be around us. It's the ones who feel excluded that see it as a visible and negative experience". As Diversity ambassador for Power Technique India, it is my mission to get inclusion to seamlessly be part of our culture so that all employees are united in this journey without it being an effort or barrier to sustainable growth.

It is critical for any business to have a good ratio of female employees on board so creativity, innovation and efficiency reach greater heights. We focus on training programs such as "Womenables" where each woman employee gets a chance to share, to inspire and to help find answers to potential hurdles to career ambitions.

Inclusion to me is striving to encourage my employees to behave and interact with each other on an equal footing, where he and she can speak to make their individual voices heard.

Having a diverse workforce with a good gender balance is indeed more attractive to everyone!

There is magic in numbers !

Women in Power Technique India

Geeta Manglani – Credit Controller & Business Analyst

In Power Technique, my role has been very interactive which is very rare for people in Finance. My job has always been about working in a fast paced energetic environment where there isn’t even a single day where I do not feel like going to office. There is always something new….new projects, new amendments to the law, new ways of doing things and new interactions.

To me, finance is not only about numbers…..it is also about strategies on cost saving, discipline on releasing authentic data and the responsibility to manage clean and ethical reporting practices. At home, I am on an equal footing with my brother and have always been encouraged to take the lead. This environment and the feeling of inclusiveness within my team keeps me motivated and helps me find that inner strength to make a difference. Armed with my CA degree, my passion for numbers and my inquisitiveness on current trends, I am able to make my voice heard in situations where reporting deadlines are staring in the face and smart solutions are the need of the hour.

Yes, there is magic in numbers……if you see them the way I do !

Secret service !

Women in Power Technique India

Ratna Tanavade - Customer Support Officer (Service)

All over the world, participation among women in the working population has increased substantially in the last century and it has led to women increasingly contributing in versatile fields. In more hands-on jobs like the service field, where getting your hands dirty to ensure the equipment is up and running is required, is now gaining ground.

In Atlas Copco, there is already a great foundation where diversity and equality are encouraged. Though today I manage a high pressure role as a support for the service team where I manage customer complaints and ensure service calls are attended on time, I am now ready to take my role to the next level.....visiting work sites, repairing equipment and ending the day with happy customers ! The great team support and respectful environment, inspires me to grow in my professional and personal life.

The secret of my success.....Service ready and geared up to reach for the stars !

Celebrating stories !

Women in Power Technique India

Sheetal Gore - Marketing Communications Manager

As communications manager, I am a storyteller and curate content......and this is my story !

A flexible, forward thinking and adaptable culture has helped me build the visibility of not just the Atlas Copco brand but also my own personal brand. Juggling between home management and my communication role has shaped me up as a self starter in an organizational culture which encourages fresh ideas and grooms women into leadership roles.

I love the fact that the lines between job roles, genders, race and colour are getting more & more blurred and there is this ocean of opportunities for all to dive into. Communications is one such field, which has been a more woman dominated field and today, we see more men joining the content creation and digital journey in communications. So for me gender diversity is equal opportunities for both men and women......it is indeed one universe, one world, one team !

Selling dreams !

Women in Power Technique India

Swapnali Thorat - Customer Support Officer (Sales)

To work in Atlas Copco....has been a dream come true.

As an integral part of the sales & marketing team on lead conversions, I focus on ways to increase product sales via leads generated through different campaigns. When I joined Atlas Copco's portable air division, I was the first dedicated woman employee for driving the sales team within a closely monitored lead tracking system.

With the aim to create a benchmark for this role, I thrive on the team support and my own confidence and strength which powers me to achieve my goals. Well-defined training programs conducted by the marketing team has shaped up my product knowledge and ability to push my sales colleagues to get that order ! Inspiration and motivation come when you see people around you are not just observing your work but they also appreciate you and guide you at the same time.

It's only been 1 & 1/2 years in Atlas Copco. I still have miles to go on an ever changing and evolving lead to sales journey. Exciting times ahead !

The glue that sticks !

Women employee in Power Technique India

Shweta Bansal - Executive Assistant

In my current role, I am like the glue which has to stick to close all gaps as I co-ordinate between different teams and diverse tasks.

As a Executive Assistant, I see opportunities to rise as gender roles that were once clearly defined are now seeing a makeover. As a woman working professional, I feel a higher level of self-esteem and a stronger sense of identity.

I am being groomed for a more challenging job profile where mentor guidance and support from colleagues makes me more confident to take on new assignments. While training programs have helped me in my personal development, the opportunities to take on more responsibilities has helped me in enchancing my skills and knowledge.

Receiving appreciation from the team for my efforts, increases my motivation and boosts me to perform better to get the job done!

LEADing the way !

Women in Power Technique India

Yogita Taras - Customer Relationship Specialist

From Customer Support Officer to Parts Marketing Officer to Senior Customer Support and now currently as Customer Relationship Specialist, my 14 year journey in Atlas Copco has literally had me on the move ! My self belief and the freedom offered by the organization to choose my own career path, has helped me find opportunities in a fast-changing environment.

What further empowers me is that there is strength in diversity and I feel encouraged to come out of my comfort zone and participate. My work has allowed me to travel to other countries and has shown me a new view of the world, helping me gain inspiration from other women working in different cultures and roles. This has driven me to share my experiences with other women colleagues while getting new insights from them.

As CRM in-charge, I LEAD the way in managing customer enquiries while capitalizing on my inner instincts in nurturing leads and nurturing a great partnership with the sales & service team.

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