Atlas Copco’s E-Air electric compressor awarded “Best New Product” by Australian Hire and Rental Association

24 July, 2023

The Atlas Copco E-Air H250 VSD electric mobile compressor was awarded “Best product” by the Australian Hire and Rental Association in their annual Hire Industry Excellence awards (HRIA Awards). It was Atlas Copco’s dealer, Redstar, who enrolled with Atlas Copco’s newest electric mobile compressor, which features a very energy-efficient permanent magnet motor and ruggedized design. With the award, the world of rental companies embraces an electric mobile compressor as innovative solution for the industry.

The annual Hire Industry Excellence Awards by the Australian HRIA association pays tribute to companies that display exceptional standards of service and innovation in the hire sector. The winners, in this case Redstar, an Australian Atlas Copco dealer with a network that stretches the country, receive a trophy and the permission to use the “Best New General Product” logo.

We see fantastic opportunities for this product across a range of applications. These include underground or enclosed spaces where low or no emissions are required, urban job sites where there is sensitivity around noise pollution and emergency backup when your industrial workshop or factory industrial units require service or breakdown.

Richard Crowe , General Manager from Redstar Equipment

E-Air H250 VSD compressor boosts rental companies’ utilization rates

Redstar won the award with Atlas Copco’s E-Air H250 VSD, an electric-driven, variable speed drive compressor that was built for tough outdoor conditions and delivers flows of up to 7m³/min. Thanks to its ruggedized VSD drive, the compressor operates very efficiently, bringing significant cost savings to the end users when compared to diesel units. Electric-driven compressors also bring the benefits of no exhaust gases and low noise levels, features that are especially advantageous in confined spaces or low emission zones.

What is even more relevant for the rental sector is the E-Air VSD range’s built-in electronics that allows the compressor to work at any pressure between 5 and 14 bar (PACE technology), a feature that makes the machine extremely versatile. As a result, a rental company can maximize the utilization of its compressor.

One of the main benefits of the E-Air VSD to rental customers is definitely the ease and efficiency with which you can set it to work in different applications,” comments Richard Crowe General Manager from Redstar Equipment. “Customers can set the compressor to 7 bar to feed their handheld tools and then electronically switch to 14 bar for shotcreting or cable blowing. All with one compressor

Richard Crowe , General Manager from Redstar Equipment

Thanks to PACE technology, any rental company that includes the E-Air in its fleet can count on a fast return on investment.

2000 hour service intervals

E-Air H250 VSD

An electric compressor is, by design principle, service-friendly: without an engine, the machine requires less maintenance, reducing service costs and increasing up-time. Service intervals stretch to 2000 hours, or every 2 years, another important benefit to rental companies who seek to maximize the utilization rate of their fleet.

Easy to operate, anywhere

E-Air H250 VSD

Other benefits include low current start-up, which means the power supply doesn’t have to be oversized to start the compressor, low noise levels and excellent performances. The E-Air H250 VSD also comes with a SmartSocket that allows operators to run it on any power supply available on site (16A, 32A or 63A). If an end customer has an electric supply on site, renting an E-Air compressor can be a very cost-effective solution. In that way, this type of compressor has a lot to offer to both rental companies as to their end users.

Atlas Copco’s E-Air electric compressor awarded “Best New Product” by Australian Hire and Rental Association

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