Atlas Copco expands the WEDA range with the S50 Sludge pump

24 July, 2023

Atlas Copco has developed a new addition to the WEDA submersible dewatering pump range with the WEDA S50. Fitting into the S family of WEDA sludge pumps, the new model complements the other pumps in the range in terms of specifications. 

Electric submersible sludge pump

WEDA S range for sludge applications

The WEDA S range is designed for thick, soft, wet mud or other similar mixtures. These pumps are ideally suited for construction dewatering, industrial or refining applications. The technical specifications of the new S50 model place it between the S30 and the S60 pumps. It offers a maximum flow of 1450 l/min while pumping sludge with a specific gravity of up to 1400 kg/m3. The S50 has a rated output of 4.8 kW and a maximum solids handling size of 50 mm, which is the same as both the S30 and S60 models.

“The WEDA S50 is an ideal pump for rental companies and general contractors where they don’t have to worry about what goes in the pump,” explains Hrishikesh Kulkarni, Product Manager, Atlas Copco Power and Flow division. “Accordingly, these vortex designed pumps are ideal for abrasive media and handling solids up to 50 mm (2”). The S50 fits neatly into the existing range of Sludge pumps, making our S family portfolio complete with a range from 0.5-1-3-5 and 7.5 KW.” The Sludge portfolio covers a wide range of applications such as cement plants, industrial process water, sedimentation tanks, treatment plants, construction sites etc.

Electric submersible sludge pump

WEDA S50 sludge pump

The WEDA S50 comes with the standard WEDA+ features, including rotation control, phase failure protection, thermal switches in each motor winding, and 16 Amps phase shifter plugs. All WEDA+ pumps are fitted with a 20 m cable and the reinforced cable entries ensure high resistance to water leakage.

S50 pumps are built with hardened high-chrome impellers and volute which provides high wear resistance. The aluminium alloy construction also offers high corrosion resistance. All these features combine to ensure durability and reliability in harsh environments. Low weight materials have the extra benefit of making handling and transportation easy. The Sludge range along with the new S50 is, therefore, an attractive option for rental use in the construction and industrial sectors.

For extra protection, the casing rib design offers external cooling to the motor in case of dry running which gives the S50 exceptional dry running capabilities.

Everything about the WEDA S50 is configured for ease of operation and maintenance. WEDA seal systems have a unique modular design, thus allowing for flexibility and ease of maintenance. Service technicians can change S50 seals at the job site with minimum impact on pump availability. The pump has an external oil inspection plug making it a simple maintenance task to perform quick inspections.

The S50 base is designed for stability while the bottom side discharge allows the passage of solids up to 50 mm. It offers several options and sizes for connections and flow-direction is changeable from 90 to 180 degrees on the discharge.

An extensive network of dealers and service technicians support the WEDA S50 along with the entire WEDA range. Spare parts are readily available and easy to fit.

Designed for drainage, sludge, and slurry applications

Dispelling Myths
Dispelling Myths
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