Atlas Copco Expands Portable Energy Portfolio in 2016

13 January, 2021

Atlas Copco’s Portable Energy division is preparing to launch a new generation of on-site solutions for construction, mining, drilling and quarrying industries worldwide. The new additions to Atlas Copco’s portable portfolio demonstrate a forward-thinking approach to product design, anticipating customers’ need for continuous improvement in speed, reliability and efficiency.

New efficient mobile compressor range

easy towable compressor

Ready to go mobile compressor

One of the most highly anticipated launches of 2016, the 8 Series compressor range incorporates the latest advances in air element design and delivers improved efficiency. The 8 Series compressors, with an updated HardHat canopy, break new ground in producing air at a rate of up to 5m3 per minute, while remaining compact and lightweight. Every model in the range weighs below 750kg, including a full-size fuel tank, generator and aftercooler, allowing them to be towed behind a normal passenger car without a special driving license. The new range uses 12% less fuel than comparable products and only requires less than an hour’s total service time over two years of operation.

QES Generator Range Extension

QES mobile generators

Power on the move

Successfully launched in 2015, the QES range will be expanded in May 2016. Initially offering six power nodes, 9 to 40 kVA with Kubota engines, the range will be bolstered with six new models from 60 to 200 kVA featuring John Deere engines. The QES range is the straightforward, rugged and durable solution for general applications across construction environments.

WEDA 50 and 60 Submersible Pumps

Dewatering pump weda range extended

More new models to our dewatering pump range

The WEDA range of electrical submersible pumps can manage from 225 to 20,200 litres per minute with a maximum head of 85m. May 2016 will see two new models added to the range. The new 50 and 60 models deliver enhanced performance, thanks to new hydraulic parts, and improved power to weight ratios, thanks largely to a new motor design.

XAT(V)S 186 Compressor

The new XATS 186 towable compressor

The new XATS 186 towable compressor

The versatile XAT(V)S 186 range is comprised of two models featuring an intuitive PACE system (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics), which enables multiple pressure and flow settings to help users match air flow and pressure to their application needs, without needing multiple compressor units. The highly-regarded Atlas Copco air element and John Deere stage IV engine, coupled with the PACE system, ensure higher efficiency, longer service intervals, unmatched reliability, increased lifetime and lower cost of ownership. Operators using multiple machines to cover flow demands up to 11m3/min and pressures from 7 to 14 bar now need only one compressor.

HiLight towers range

Atlas Copco's extended tower light range

Atlas Copco's extended tower light range

Following the latest addition to Atlas Copco’s complete range of light tower solutions, the V4 and V5+, the entire fleet of light towers has been rebranded as the HiLight range. The range offers the industry’s widest choice for a number of applications, including construction, outdoor events and industrial markets. A single light tower, dependent on the model, can illuminate an area of up to 5,000m2 , have a run time between refuelling of 260 hours and consume less than 0.5 litres of fuel per hour. In the next two months, Atlas Copco will launch two new models: the E3+ and H5+. Both are LED models and will take the complete HiLight range to seven models, four of which are LED.


The XATS 900E in action

The XATS 900E in action

The XATS 900E electric portable compressor combines smart engineering, proven technology and quality components. Suitable for sites with a ready supply of power, the XATS 900E is easy to install as it requires no additional foundations. The corrosion-resistant canopy of the compressor is designed for use in all weather conditions, without the need for additional rooms and enclosures. The XATS 900E delivers compressed air from 7 to 10 bar (100 to 150 psi) with a flow of up to 25 m3/min (900 cfm).

Have you ever considered electric compressors for your site?

Take a look at this short video and consider if electric options might make sense for you.

QAC 1100 TwinPower Generator

The new QAC 1100 twinpower

The new QAC 1100 twinpower

For sites with variable power needs, Atlas Copco is set to launch the QAC 1100 TwinPower generator. Comprised of two 500kVA generators inside a single container, the QAC 1100 is a fully-engineered package with an advanced control system that enables the two generators to work independently or in parallel with each other. It enables operators to use up to one megawatt of power at anywhere between full load and low load, maximising fuel efficiency and cutting associated running costs.

Dewatering solutions

Dewatering solutions

Dewatering solutions

Following the acquisition of Italy-based pump manufacturer Varisco in January 2016, Atlas Copco is expanding its range of dewatering pumps. The pumps are typically used to remove unwanted water or other fluids in the construction, mining, and oil and gas industries. Varisco’s Padua location has now become the dedicated global competence centre for pump development within Atlas Copco’s Portable Energy division. A complete new range of dewatering solutions will be launched under the Atlas Copco brand in 2016.

Recent additions (November 2015 – January 2016)

In January 2016, Atlas Copco extended the power range of its popular QAS series of generators with the addition of the QAS 630. By incorporating the compact frame of the QAS 500, the QAS 630 can generate 20% more power without needing a larger footprint. The expanded QAS generator series provides complete, compact and fuel-efficient solutions from 14 to 630 kVA, making this series the preferred choice for a wide range of applications throughout the world. Also launched in January were the HiLight V4 and V5+ light towers, which include a HardHat canopy to ensure tough protection of internal parts. The HiLight V4 is a metal-halide option. The HiLight V5+ is a premium model incorporating the latest LED lighting technology. It offers major fuel savings when compared to the typical fuel consumption of most metal halide solutions, creating industry-leading competitive advantage. In the drilling sector, Atlas Copco announced two major launches in the second half of 2015. The DrillAir Y35 portable compressor can drill two 4.5” geothermal wells in a single day, with high penetration rates that significantly reduce the fuel cost per metre drilled. Specifically designed for geothermal drilling applications, the DrillAir Y35 offers significant increases in drilling rates, fuel efficiency and reliability thanks to its 35 bar pressure and 34.8 m3/min (580 l/s) flow. Following the Y35 launch, Atlas Copco further expanded its DrillAir range with a new compressor designed to meet the demands of the geothermal drilling industry. The DrillAir X28 provides improved versatility and drilling speed, enabling users to drill two 200 meter holes in a single day at 30 bar of pressure.

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