Atlas Copco's ZenergiZe Energy Storage Systems receive Matexpo Innovation Award

20 September, 2021

Atlas Copco Power Technique Belgium has showcased its ZenergiZe Energy Storage Systems at stand B52 of the Matexpo exhibition in Kortrijk (Belgium). The ground-breaking energy storage system from Atlas Copco has won the third prize of the Matexpo Innovation Award. 

zenergize ZBP matexpo 2021

ZenergiZe at stand B52 of the Matexpo exhibition

ZenergiZe is a new range of lithium-ion energy storage systems that can be used as a standalone solution or combined with generators to create a hybrid power solution. ZenergiZe energy storage system delivers zero CO2 emissions, zero NOx pollution, zero noise, and have virtually zero maintenance needs, enabling operators to minimize environmental impact while benefiting from low-cost ownership. Atlas Copco is the first global generator manufacturer to address the market’s needs with such a concept.


“At Atlas Copco, we are driven by innovation and are ultimately looking to deliver sustainable value to our customers,” says Pieter Willems, Business Line Manager Service and Capital Equipment at Atlas Copco Power Technique Belgium. “The market is demanding cleaner energy and power sources, and electrification is a key technological trend for industrial machinery. Advances in lithium battery technology mean that we are now able to deliver a product with the high reliability that our customers have come to expect from us. We are pleased to receive the Matexpo Innovation Award as it recognized the ZenergiZe innovation.”

Energy Storage systems, Zenergize ZBP 45

Atlas Copco ZBP after being awarded with third prize

Designed with sustainability in mind, the energy storage systems enable users to minimize the environmental impact of their operation by significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions. In hybrid mode, using a ZenergiZe unit in combination with a QAS80 generator means operators can reduce fuel consumption by up to 50 percent over 12 hours compared to using a larger stand-alone QAS125 generator. Furthermore, during its lifecycle, a ZenergiZe unit only emits 50 percent of the emissions of a standard standalone generator, saving approximately 100 tons of CO2 – the equivalent of planting 450 trees (assuming a tree life of 30 years). When used in the island mode, the CO2 savings can reach up to 100 percent if the unit is powered by renewable energy sources. These are some of the most relevant energy storage systems advantages.

Atlas Copco launched ZenergiZe energy storage systems in 2020. The range features three models, ZBE, ZBP, and ZBC. The first two models offer rated powers of 15kVA and 45kVA, and energy storage capacities of 45kWh, capable of delivering small-medium power with long autonomy. The ZBC offers rated power from 100kVA to 1000kVA and an energy storage capacity of 250kWh and 2000kWh depending on the model; it can operate as the ‘brain’ of a microgrid.


Third person from right: Pieter Willems, Business Line Manager Service and Capital Equipment and second person from right: Anja Wiehoff, Regional Communications Manager West Europe

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