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Truly Portable

All models in this range of submersible dewatering pumps have outstanding power to weight ratios. Thanks to the light weight and compact design the pumps are easy to move around and handle.

Made for Professionals

The use of only outstanding components and industry-leading design makes this the pump of choice for professionals.

Simple Service

Our unique sealing system makes it possible to carry out maintenance on site.

WEDA dewatering pumps

WEDA electric submersible pumps and accessories are designed for an extensive range of dewatering applications, across multiple industries. They provide the performance, reliability and ease of use you need. WEDA pumps feature a built-in starter and motor protection system along with optional automatic level control. Adjustable wear-resistant rubber diffusors and hardened high-chrome impellers ensure durability in tough environments.

At Atlas Copco, we understand pumps, their applications and, most importantly, the people using them. We have a complete range of high-quality and lightweight electric submersible pumps designed specifically for drainage, sludge and slurry pumping applications and available in global voltages.

WEDA pumps are made for durability. The unique sealing system and modular design make them among the most flexible pumps on the market. Easy to use and maintain, WEDA pumps promise optimal performance. The WEDA seal system is designed to provide the optimum maintenance solution and can be easily fitted at the job site.

Dewatering applications

We understand the dewatering needs of our customers and they spread out based on geography and application. Accordingly our submersible range is developed for Drainage (D), Sludge (S)and Slurry (L) applications.

These applications call for pumps designed specifically for handling corrosive and abrasive media and their solid contents.

Electric-submersible-dewatering-pump-WEDA family_plus

1. WEDA D (Drainage)

The WEDA drainage pumps handle either clean or dirty water, even with small solids with the best performance and efficiency.

Applications: general dewatering, ground water, raw water and construction sites

2. WEDA S (Sludge)

The WEDA sludge pumps can handle thick, soft, wet mud or other similarly viscous mixtures of liquids and solids, especially the product of an industrial or refining process.

Applications: water containing mud, sludge or light slurry, tank clean-out, trench and pond cleaning, and mining

3. WEDA L (Slurry)

The WEDA slurry pumps are the toughest, and have the largest apertures to facilitate handling of slurry with the most challenging solids.

Applications: abrasive media with high
solids content, quarries, dredging and settling ponds

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