Hospital powered by Atlas Copco generators

14 January, 2021

A customized power solution for a customer that requires the highest peace of mind.

Why the need for a power solution?

The Poltava regional clinical hospital named N.V. Sklifosovsky has been serving the region for more than 200 years. Having expanded a lot over this time, at present, the hospital has close to 800 beds. This medical institution specializes in highly skilled inpatient and outpatient consultative procedures. The hospital is also a training base for the doctors and nurses of the future.

As with most hospitals, it’s powered by two independent electrical circuits from the mains supply. In a hospital power is absolutely critical. If power is lost there is a significant threat to the health, and ultimately life of patients, as all electrical equipment will cease to function. Patients at this time could be in the intensive care unit or on an operating table.

A reliable solution

The hospital management, like most applications where power is critical, decided to install diesel generators for emergency power. These would immediately kick-in if mains power is lost. To start the process, they conducted an audit of what was needed. During the audit, engineers also requested to replace the power distribution panels in addition to the installation of the generators, as the existing shields were in poor condition.

The QIS generator providing back up power at the hospital

The generators can be monitored remotly

In 2016, the construction and electrical works of the generator ‘room’ was completed by a local contractor. The hospital installed two diesel generators. Due to their reliability and proven performance, they chose two Atlas Copco QIS 140 with a total output of 286 kVA. In addition, they replaced switchboards, performed commissioning work and installed remote displays, allowing key personnel to see the state of the generators from the switchboard room. A monitoring system was also implemented. This informs the customer, and service engineers, about any change in the state of the generators and the mains supply.

Peace of mind

The QIS industrial generator

The QIS industrial generator

Back-up emergency generators are one capital equipment purchase that you hope you never have to use! Designed and built to the very highest standards, the QIS range undergoes extreme testing to ensure that power kicks-in, within a few seconds of a major electrical malfunction. The peace of mind that comes with Atlas Copco’s QIS generator’s ensure that the customer, and the patients, always get a good night’s sleep.

Thanks to the fact that the QIS range allows you to specify the configuration of your generator, through a wide range of useful options, the hospital received a package that was perfect for them. You can customize everything from the power output to the options you require.

Javier Ascoz , Area manager industrial generators

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