Atlas Copco’s QAS 5 helps Krill Generadores safeguard the Spanish communication system and the power grid

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8 February, 2021

Krill Generadores, a Spanish company dedicated to supplying power generators for hire to businesses in numerous industrial applications, has counted on Atlas Copco since 2007 to meet its customers’ power requirements. The arrival of storm Filomena threatened the Spanish communication system and the power grid. Krill Generadores, a specialist in emergency assistance, provided four portable QAS 5 generators from Atlas Copco to overcome these challenging times. 

One of the QAS 5 generators was used to ensure the VHF television signal in Soria, covering more than 10,000 square kilometres, kept working. Krill Generadores installed an Atlas Copco QAS 5 generator to take on the booster’s load in case of emergency, guaranteeing a television signal for 183 towns and more than 500 populated areas. The installation took place in Alto de Oncala, a mountain that is 1,545 meters above sea level, where the ED1D signal repeater is operating. 

When I was first introduced to the 100 kVA QAS 5 generators during Atlas Copco's last show in Amberes, Belgium, I realized that nothing would be the same. It is an outstanding product with great features. With the arrival of the snowstorm, we are covering remote installations that require reliability, efficiency, versatility, autonomy, and certain safety standards. I believe QAS 5 generators are the perfect match.

Jesús Álvarez Cano , CEO at Krill Generadores.
QAS 5 diesel generators working in the snow

Krill Generadores' service team at Alto de Oncala, Spain

Atlas Copco’s QAS 5 generators offer a quieter operation, a 20 per cent smaller footprint than comparable models on the market, reduced engine emissions, faster plug-and-play paralleling, enhanced fuel economy, 24 hr autonomy, and lower total cost of ownership. As a consequence, the QAS 5 range helps customers to improve their fleet utilization and return on investment. Just before Filomena hit Spain, Krill Generadores’ team also serviced two military bases, where they installed two more generators to protect their communication systems. Additionally, they set up an Atlas Copco QAS 5 100kVA for a small, populated area, close to the bases, where there was a high risk of a power outage. Although the snowstorm had not fully arrived yet, masses of perennial snow and ice covered the land, making it impossible for the truck to deliver in the last run. However, one of the locals pulled up with a tractor to finish off the job.

Atlas Copco’s QAS 5 is easy to transport, and you can rely on it for that last stretch at any moment”, says Jesús Álvarez. “It is also very resistant to the harshest weather conditions and other external factors. The other day, in Teruel (Aragon, eastern Spain), after registering minus 22 degrees Celsius overnight, the machine was buried in the snow; we were able to turn it on and generate power after only a few minutes. How is it possible? Product quality!

Jesús Álvarez Cano , CEO at Krill Generadores

In the middle of the chaos caused by Filomena, Krill Generadores has been going the extra mile, assisting those most affected by the snowstorm and relying on Atlas Copco generators to bring back the power where it was needed. Currently, due to the public health scenario, there are two Atlas Copco QAC 1000R large power generators installed at the premises of two large hospitals in Spain, in the cities of Alicante and Barbastro (Aragon).

diesel generator working

QAS 5 mobile generator

“Our entire large power fleet is Atlas Copco, its machines are special, top-engineered products,” remarks Álvarez. “There is no other company out there who can accomplish what Atlas Copco is bringing to the market in large power. I completely trust Atlas Copco because I can go to my customers and assure them that what we have, they are not going to find elsewhere. I have two fourteen-year-old machines that, after a little investment, are working upbeat again, just like the new ones. They have a long life-span and that says a lot about a company”. Sergio Salvador, Product Marketing Manager at Atlas Copco Power and Flow, explains: “Our QAS 5 range is the fifth and latest generation of QAS gensets and they are designed from the outset to meet end-users’ evolving needs for sustainable productivity, increased operational flexibility, and compliance with environmental and regulatory obligations. We are very pleased to work with Krill Generadores to ensure power at all times to its customers.”

Atlas Copco’s QAS 5 helps Krill Generadores safeguard the Spanish communication system and the power grid

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