Atlas Copco’s Solar Light Towers and Energy Storage Systems power the way at Santiago’s new convention center

Experiencing the power

14 December, 2022

Santiago de Chile, witnessed one of the most anticipated events in the region with the opening of the Metropolitan Santiago, a new world-class 16,000 m2 convention and events center with 11,300 m2 of dedicated green spaces for complementary activities and 51,000 m2 of park area. Atlas Copco is honored to be associated with this event center, which is a strong stamp of commitment to the environment and sustainability focus in the Chilean community. Complementing our efforts in providing clean and green energy, this event was a perfect match to showcase our energy efficient solutions.

Today is a very special day for us, because we are at our inauguration, at our launch, and the collaboration with Atlas Copco has been key because we have a very clear mission and vision regarding sustainability. Having units like the one I have behind me -which has zero noise and zero carbon footprint emissions- participating in our event helps us to be aligned with this vision, which also goes hand in hand with customer expectations.

Javier Contreras , Development Manager at Metropolitan Santiago Convention & Event Center

To address Metropolitan Santiago's requirements to make events more sustainable in energy management, Atlas Copco the latest battery-based energy storage solutions and light towers. HiLight S2+ solar light towers illuminated the venue’s entrance, welcoming the more than 600 guests – representatives of the organizations with the greatest impact on the country's development and growth. Additionally, the ZBP 45 energy storage systems, operating in island mode, contributed as the primary power source for the lighting in a dedicated area of the building. QAS 100 and QAS 60 generators also powered the audiovisual system, ensuring a reliable and stable power supply in this prestigious event. With key customers attending the event, they were able to witness the silent and zero-emission energy storage systems and solar light towers in live action.


Partnering with organizations with a true green focus will be the way to a more sustainable future and will enable Atlas Copco to become an important player in the regions’ development with environmentally-friendly solutions.


"We are increasingly being demanded to have a lesser impact on our carbon footprint, and the world of events has been oblivious to this reality. Having partners of this magnitude helping and contributing to this path makes us a higher-level venue and bring us closer to the needs of our customers," concludes Conteras, Development Manager at the Chilean events center.

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