Atlas Copco ZBC energy storage systems enable music festivals in Spain to significantly reduce their carbon footprint

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18 January, 2024

Sustainability is increasingly becoming central to events worldwide. From the initial planning stages, event managers are reviewing ways to improve their energy efficiency in order to reduce their environmental impact. This global trend has also affected concerts and music festivals and, in Spain, contractors have been searching for an alternative solution to meet their power needs while also cutting costs and meeting emission regulations. Four Atlas Copco ZBC 250-575 energy storage systems have been touring the country this summer, enabling Europe's leading music festivals to reduce their carbon footprint.

Atlas Copco ZBC 250-575 delivering in hybrid mode at music festival

Stage at Primavera Sound Festival powered by the battery-based hybrid solution

Demands for improved sustainability

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, music festivals including Primavera Sound, the Granca Live Fest and the Monegros Desert Festival, were looking to reduce their daily fuel consumption and minimize their CO2 output. 

Atlas Copco ZBC energy storage systems installation

Atlas Copco ZBC energy storage systems installation

The festival organizers’ turned to Morillo Energy Rent, one of Spain’s leading temporary energy supply companies and Atlas Copco’s partner, to help them meet their power needs while reducing their carbon footprint. To enable the festivals to meet environmental targets, Morillo Energy Rent delivered four Atlas Copco ZBC 250-575 energy storage systems, set up as battery-based hybrid solutions by connecting them to energy-efficient Stage V compliant power generators.


Morillo Energy Rent was the first company to introduce the use of energy storage systems in the event industry in Spain. With over 60 years of experience delivering energy solutions, the rental company aims to be a leading player in energy transition within the temporary power rental sector in Southern Europe.

At Morillo Energy Rent we’re at the forefront of the industry and are proud to work with these iconic festivals to boost their energy efficiency. Typically, large generators are used at such multitudinous events, but our efficient hybrid alternative was able to satisfy our customers’ needs while setting a new standard for the sector’s approach to power supply.

Jaume Cayetano , Sales Manager at Morillo Energy Rent

Reducing fuel consumption

Compared to an oversized generator working as a standalone solution, a ZBC 250-575 energy storage system incorporating Lithium-ion (Li-on) batteries, coupled with an efficient Stage V generator, can reduce daily fuel consumption by up to 90%, which is equivalent to approximately 200 tons of CO2 during their working life. This has a significant impact on productivity, improving it by 50% and keeping the solution’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to a minimum.


“What’s more, Atlas Copco’s energy storage systems optimize the generator’s performance, extending its lifespan by up to 15% and reducing any maintenance and overhaul requirements by half, thereby reducing service costs and increasing machine uptime,” says Diego Moreno, Business Line Manager South Europe at Atlas Copco.

Having a positive impact

Primavera Sound

Primavera Sound 2023

Primavera Sound took place in Barcelona (2nd – 4th June) and in Madrid (9th – 11th June), featuring international superstars including Rosalia, Calvin Harris and Kendrick Lamar. An estimated 350,000 people attended 539 performances in total.


The music festival became the first in Europe to cut its fuel consumption in half (compared to 2022), thanks to the efficient power supply installation. The power system, featuring six low-consumption power generators and 13 battery energy storage systems (including the four Atlas Copco ZBC units), reduced the festival's carbon footprint by 27 tons of CO2.

Granca Live Fest

Granca Live Fest 2023

Held on the island of Gran Canaria, 7th – 8th July, the Latin music festival Granca Live Fest filled the Gran Canaria football stadium with 60,000 spectators to see acts including Maluma, Sebastián Yatra and Lola Indigo. Recognized as the most sustainable Latin music festival in Europe, and the largest in the Canary Islands, the festival met its power supply needs with the two Atlas Copco ZBC 250-575 energy storage systems working in hybrid mode with energy-efficient Stage V power generators.

Monegros Desert Festival

Monegros Desert Festival 2023

On 29th July, the 22-hour-long Monegros Desert Festival celebrated its 30th anniversary, with 50,000 attendees turning up for performances from Wu-Tang Clan, Richie Hawtin, Ben Sims and other big names from the international urban and electronic music scene.


The battery-based hybrid systems installed by Morillo Energy Rent supported both the main stages, the common and restaurant areas, enabling the festival to reduce the emission of polluting particles by up 90% and fuel consumption by up to 20%.

Emission-free operations

Introducing the ZBC energy storage systems has resulted in success for the summer music festivals, as they were able to reduce their daily fuel consumption, CO2 and noise emissions, while boosting their energy efficiency and overall operational productivity.


Atlas Copco battery storage systems can also enable emission-free operations when working standalone and when managing energy coming from renewable sources, like solar or wind. Additionally, these flexible and reliable units can operate as the central piece of any demanding microgrid. 

An increasing number of industry sectors are demanding efficient energy solutions, and Morillo Energy Rent has taken on this challenge to optimize the energy usage of some of the most iconic music festivals in Southern Europe. In events, construction sites, mining, telecom, manufacturing and rental applications alike, energy storage solutions help operators meet the toughest sustainability targets while achieving maximum levels of productivity and efficiency.

Barbara Gregorio , Marketing Manager Power & Energy at Atlas Copco’s Power and Flow division

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