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Tensor IxB will revolutionize the assembly process

Smart Connected Assembly continues to evolve and contribute to the Smart Factory and Industry 4.0. Tensor IxB is a collection of tools that improve quality, profitability, and make production more efficient.

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Be ready for the future

The manufacturing industry is on a transformation journey toward smart final assembly solutions. The industry is moving to become digital and more flexible, while achieving higher sustainability goals. 


Line assembly will need to be effortlessly agile

  • Meet new demands from consumers and regulators
  • Free up resources to make production line adjustments easy and fast
  • Increase sustainable profitability of running the production plant

Tight production control is an essential target

  • Avoid small deviations and achieve greater accuracy
  • Reduce the risk of errors from human factors
  • Eliminate costly and time consuming mistakes
  • Work more effectively in cramped areas

x2.5 faster station installation

– 50% rebalancing time

+30% faster tightening

The Tensor IxB family – Smart. Connected. Scalable.

The Tensor IxB family are handheld and cordless, designed to be lighter, faster, and smaller than previous generation tools. We provide a wide range of tool models, all with an integrated controller platform and a variety of batteries and accessories. The family consist of two ranges, the Tensor ITB and the Tensor ICB.

Tensor ITB: Fast and precise tightening

The Tensor ITB, with its wide range of models is a truly productive cordless nutrunner, covering torques from 5Nm up to 200Nm. By integrating the controller intelligence into the tool, the freedom and flexibility is in the hand of the factory operator.                

  • Up to 30% faster than Tensor STB.
  • Wide range of models and tools accessories.
  • TrueAngle with the built in gyroscope.

Tensor ICB: Accessibility in cramped spaces

The Tensor ICB, a small ergonomic nutrunner, which is specifically designed for cramped area applications. It can be operated with one hand, and both the trigger and the angle head can be adjusted to fit the right need of the application and operator ergonomics.

  • 360° rotatable angle head and trigger.
  • 30% lighter and 30% shorter.
  • Operator feedback from the integrated EHMI display.

Easy integration to the Atlas Copco Ecosystem

The Tensor IxB family are the first Atlas Copco tools that can directly integrate into the Atlas Copco Ecosystem without any intermediate controller box. All managed by the powerful controller inside the tools. The Tensor IxB tools, together with the Atlas Copco Ecosystem system, bring an even more significant difference to your plant.

The Tensor IxB platform as part of the Smart Connected Assembly Ecosystem enables you to improve assembly stations and significantly reduce costs associated with assembly tools, while at the same time improving the productivity, quality, and ergonomics in the station as well as providing the flexibility needed in today’s environment of frequent change.

The Smart Connected Ecosystem offers visualization equipment, positioning solutions, and error-proofing accessories all the way to bolt positioning. As well as a full assembly software suite for controlling controller set-ups, collecting and analyzing tightening data, and managing quality assurance. We also can provide station control and work guidance solutions thru the Smart AMS and SQS solutions and a complete service portfolio supporting from startup to repair and optimization.

This is Smart Connected Assembly in reality, which simplifies connection, reduces installation, and supports connectivity, visualization, error proofing, and data in one package linked together. 

Read more about the Atlas Copco Ecosystem

Like a challenge? Try the Tensor IxB games!

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