Xc4004 - Smart Air controller for boosters and large air compressors

The science of compressor controls

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Remote monitoring with the Xc4004 controller

Wield your Atlas Copco compressor with the touch of a button. The Xc4004 is the brain of your compressor, it shows you all the important parameters in one screen and it's intuitive to navigate. It keeps track of even more parameters in the background, while ensuring a fuel efficient operation.


The most advanced air controller

Get the most out of your compressor. Our most high-tech controller is more than the start-stop button of your compressor. This center of intelligence optimizes your compressor’s efficiency and fuel consumption. No less than 15 parameters and histograms give you in-depth insight in how you use your compressor.

Keep an eye on the main parameters

Pressure gauge, running hours, fuel and DEF levels are always in plain sight, without toggling. Clear warning and alarm codes will clearly notify you in case of problems.

ECO-mode for fuel savings

How often is your compressor idling about? Because you need to change or move tools and every time you take a break. At the times you have no air demand, a regular compressor keeps running... and consuming fuel. ECO-mode will automatically let your compressor to go into unload mode, slowly lowering the pressure and the engine speed. If you prefer, the engine can even shut down completely. The result? Fuel savings of 50%, during idling time. This adds up, especially if you own a large air compressor.

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No surprises

The controller will tell you when maintenance is due. If something goes wrong, alarms will notify you audibly and visually. And if something goes critically wrong, the controller will shut down the compressor and protect your investment.

Mirror box

Are you still running back and forth between your compressor and point of use? Thanks to the optional mirror box, you can take the compressor’s controller along. So you don’t have to leave your drill rig to change your compressor's settings. Imagine how much time you can save, while you keep full control over your compressor.

Xc4004 -  Smart Air controller for large compressors and boosters (25 m³/min / 850 cfm and up)

The Smart Air Xc4004 controller features the latest innovations for our large air compressors and high pressure boosters. We believe a controller should put you in complete control, while being intuitive, and most importantly easy to use and navigate.Smart controls also protect your investment: improve your efficiency while drastically descreasing the operating costs of your equipment through advanced insights.

  • Full diagnostics, 15 parameters and histograms 
  • Fleetlink telematics as standard 
  • IP67 rating against water and dust 
  • Mirror box (optional) and remote monitoring

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Xc4004 - Smart Air controller for boosters and large air compressors

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