Together with our customers, dealers and business partners, our mission is to deliver sustainable and profitable growth with as little climate impact as possible. Together, we lead the development of innovations to contribute to a better future.

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Innovations with low climate footprint

ZenergiZe in the sun

For us, sustainability means to develop innovations with a long-term perspective that minimizes environmental impact. Our industrial ideas help customers grow and drive society forward. In this way, we contribute to a sustainable future. Solid knowledge and a desire to make a difference are important parts when we develop our products, to make them more efficient and sustainable. For us, innovation is about contributing to a better future. Our mission is to do our best to reach sustainable profitable growth.

Producer responsibility


At Atlas Copco Power Technique, we use the return collection system that applies in each country. In Sweden, the statutory producer responsibility applies in eight areas: packaging, tires, recycled paper, electronics, batteries, pharmaceuticals, vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tons and radioactive radiation sources.

Safety and health

Säkerhet och hälsa

For us, sustainability means ensuring that employees are safe and healthy and that operations are as efficient as possible. We use the Safety Pyramid as a method to map and follow up our safety work. It encourages employees to immediately report any incidents. In this way, we can take corrective action and maintain a preventive strategy for long-term security.

Download our Safety Data Sheets MSDS/SDS here.


Cyklist vid bilar och träd
Sustainability to us, is about growing in a way that is ethical, with zero tolerance for corruption throughout the value chain. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and require business partners to do the same. This stance reduces operational risks, enables growth and promotes a more ethical society.

Business partners

Business partners
Atlas Copco adheres to the highest ethical standards and requires business partners to do the same. This stance reduces operational risks, enables growth and promotes a more ethical society.

Science-based goals

To ensure that we meet our climate ambitions, the Atlas Copco Group has set two science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the value chain. The science-based targets mean that we commit to take action in line with the Paris Agreement targets, to keep the global temperature increase to well below 2°C.

  1. Goal 1 - To keep the global temperature rise to a maximum of 1.5°C, we want to reduce emissions from field 1 and field 2 by 28% by 2030 (see picture). 
  2. Goal 2 - To keep the global temperature increase well below 2°C, we want to reduce emissions from field 3 by 28% by 2030 (see picture).

Global goals

Global environmental goals

Atlas Copco's focus areas for sustainable, profitable growth are implemented in daily work and supported by policies and tools for follow-up. The result is measured and followed up using key performance indicators. The progress in relation to these key indicators contributes to the fulfillment of the UN's global goals for sustainable development. Through our core business and value chain, we influence several of the seventeen global sustainability goals.

Read how we can develop sustainable solutions in our Green Solutions Guide.

Our latest sustainable products

Electric air compressors

Electric air compressors

ZenergiZe Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage Systems

Electric self-priming pump

E-Pump range: Electric, Efficient, Energy saver

Battery Light Towers
Battery Light Towers

Fully powered by lithium batteries for zero emissions and zero noise