The 8 series - Towable Stage V compliant compressor

2-5 m³/min / 33-175 cfm (7-12 bar / 100-175 psi)

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Almost all models weigh less than 750 Kg, including the built-in options.


Models range for 7 to 12 bar (100-175 psi). Thanks to PACE technology, some variants even allow you to digitally adjust the pressure.


11 models. Almost all are below 750 kg including options with a built in generator and aftercooler.

Legendary toughness

HardHat® canopy for longer lifetime and higher residual value.

Assured reliability

Anti-air lock system for guaranteed engine starting.

PACE - one compressor, multiple applications

A boost for your utilization rate. Thanks to PACE, you can adjust the pressure and use your compressor for multiple applications.

Learn more about PACE

Stage V compliant

All models comply with Europe's most stringent emission regulations.

Read more about Stage V

On-board generator

Our towable compressors are also available with built-in generator. That's one piece of equipment less that you need to bring to your construction site.

Our towable construction compressor

8 series range

Our small towable compressors range lives up to its name: almost all models are below 750 kg, so you can tow them behind a normal passenger car without special driving license.

Find the most suitable XAS for your application:

  • With or without built-in generator
  • With or without PACE technology (adjustable pressure)
  • Wide range of options (quality air treatment, extreme weather kits, and more)

Light and efficient towable air compressor

XAS 68-12 PACE

The new 8 series mobile compressor

This is all made possible by the latest development in our pioneering air element design, meaning we can produce a compressor up to 150kg lighter than comparable models. You won't have to compromise on efficiency. From reduced service time, fuel consumption or to increased utilization, the 8 Series ticks all the boxes when it comes to delivering outstanding performance.

HardHat - the toughest compressor canopy in the world

When the going gets tough… you better have a canopy that protects your investmentThe HardHat’s PE (polyethylene) canopy is durable, light, corrosion-resistant and virtually indestructible. At the end of the compressor’s lifetime, the HardHat will have your machine looking like new, ensuring a high resale value.

Product variations

XAS 38 kd ; XAS 48 Kd; XAHS 38 Kd; XAS 58 Kd ; XAS 68 Kd ; XATS 68 Kd ; XAS 77 Kd ; XAS 88 Kd ; XAS 48 ; XAS 68 ; XAS 97 ; XAS 38 ; XAS 48 ; XAHS 38 ; XAS 58 ; XAS 68 ; XATS 68 ; XAS 77 ; XAS 88 ; XAS 48 ; XAS 68 ; XAS 97 . XAS38kd ; XAS48Kd; XAHS38Kd; XAS58Kd ; XAS68Kd ; XATS68Kd ; XAS77Kd ; XAS88Kd ; XAS48 ; XAS68 ; XAS97 ; XAS38 ; XAS48 ; XAHS38 ; XAS58 ; XAS68 ; XATS68 ; XAS77 ; XAS88 ; XAS48 ; XAS68 ; XAS97 .
XAS 38-7, XAS 48-7, XAS 58-7, XAS 58-7 G, XAS 88-7, XAS 88-7 G, XAS 68-10 , XAS 68-12 PACE, XAS 48-7 G, XAS 68-7 G, XAS 88-7 G

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8 series towable compressor

Our towable compressor for construction

The ready-to-go range in action

8 series - Compact power

Our tow-and-go construction compressor goes wherever you go. Most models can be towed without special driving license.


8 series- Enter the digital age

Every 8 series compressor has he matching controller on board. Digital controls give you extra ease-of-use and diagnostics.


8 series - Ease of use

Our Stage V compliant 8 Series is our tow-and-go construction compressor


Ready for action

The ready-to-go range is always ready for duty


The 8 series - Towable Stage V compliant compressor

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