360° view of the PAC H, high head pumps

PAC H pumps for high-pressure applications, have been designed to reduce downtime and prolong lifespan, saving operational costs. Part of Atlas Copco’s Head series, the PAC H is a centrifugal pump that can handle liquids containing solids of up to 89mm in size. This makes it particularly well suited to industrial applications, such as water transfer in the oil and gas sector, quarrying and surface mining, construction, and municipal applications.

1. The green high head pump

The PAC H pump range is fully EU compliant and features a 120% fully leak free structure, making it a clean and green machine.

2. High performance and robustness ​

The PAC H pumps can reach up to 150m in head, with a capacity of up to 1200 m3/h. Our unique hydraulic design helps extend the seal life by almost 3 times

3. Saving service cost and time ​

PAC H series pump help customers reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) by up to 30%. Features like the Atlas Copco inge Kit, semi cartridge seal design, bolted wear plate and link belts means that the wear components can be serviced and replaced without dismantling the pump.

4. Always stay in control!​

PW controller series allows the users to always make the most out the pumps in any application. Automatic operation via transducer and floats, complete engine management with alarms and fault shutdown. ​ ​ FleetLink Connectivity means the customer is always in control of the fleet.​

5. Ergonomic lighting

PAC H comes with internal light to facilitate visibility during maninetenance or repairs.

6. Transportability

The compact PAC H range offers dimensions up to 30% smaller than pumps working on similar applications, thanks to it, 10 units can be loaded on a 13-metre truck.

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360° view of the PAC H, high head pumps

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